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Streaming Video Poised To Surpass Network TV 07 October 2015

Video Streaming Australia Network TV


The total number of online video streamers could pass the number of people watching traditional TV in the next year, according to a report by tech major Ericsson.

The latest TV and Media report released by the company showed the percentage of people globally streaming video from video streaming platforms such as Netflix, Lightbox or YouTube had increased from around 30 per cent in 2010 to more than a whopping 50 per cent this year. Over the same time frame, the count of people watching traditional TV had dropped unceremoniously by around ten per cent.

From its launch in Australia since July this year, Netflix has more than 7.4 million hours worth of content had been streamed through the service, with some of the most popular shows being Suits, Breaking Bad, Dance Moms, Justified, Vikings, Outlander and Better Call Saul. In fact, Ericsson’s media vision says that by 2020 on-demand and network TV viewing will be on the same level when it comes to hours spent watching!

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