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Taiwan’s multi-channel video services get a boost with OTT

According to a new study by CASBAA which is a pay-TV industry group, overall access to multi-channel video services of all types in Taiwan are being driven by a mobile video market that accounts for 92% of all individuals.

Of the 15 locally established (over-the-top) OTT platforms, (in comparison with cross-border pirate services delivered from illegal offshore servers), young women between 18-34 consisted of the largest group of OTT followers representing 42% of the total.

Out of the total number of young women OTT followers and males in the age group of 18-34, almost 70% of OTT subscribers are “binge” viewers.

Some other findings from the report included the fast-rising level of mobile broadband penetration that is benefiting cable TV and IPTV operators as they develop their own multi-screen services. Read More

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