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The Opportunity In MENA Is To Capture That 300 Million 02 September 2015



“It focuses on what we do – that nexus of online, TV, telco, and Internet. That makes it an extremely relevant event. There are other conferences that are very telco focused, or very hardware focussed, and others that are very pure TV and content focussed. This is the one where all the three elements meet.The market’s definitely grown. We’ve seen a couple of competitors come in: it’s heating up. I think the nascent viewing habits of consumers are starting to make themselves felt in terms of online viewing. And one feeds the other, so the more providers there are the more people get attracted, and it starts to broaden out as a market.

I think we’ll soon see more and more broadcasters and telcos try and get into the game as well. I think the likes of NBC and Eutelsat will probably start to take OTT video services a lot more seriously than they have so far.”, said Samer Abdin, Founder of Istikana.

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