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Two Of France’s Greatest Entrepreneurs Team Up To Create Spotify For TV 19 June 2015


Pierre Lescure is one of the founders of Canal+, France’s biggest pay-TV channel and movie & TV innovators (think HBO). Jean-David Blanc co-founded AlloCiné, France’s 1 movie review and showtimes website and a huge traffic getter, and is also a well-known business angel in France.

Together they are announcing today that they are starting Molotov, a new TV like video on demand software platform that aims to be for TV what Spotify is for music.

The user interface of TV is broken, they argue, and with competition from the internet, if that problem doesn’t get fixed, TV will soon be all-but history. That is what Molotov, whose product hasn’t yet been released, is setting out to fix, by helping with discovery and allowing people to access content when they want it and how they want it.

Read the entire story here.

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