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Verizon Looks To Reinvent The TV Ads Model With Go90 29 September 2015

Verizon Go90 Internet TV Service


Verizon’s much awaited internet TV service Go90 will hit the web this week and the industry is abuzz! TV advertising won’t change much, just like it didn’t after the inception of VOD platform Netflix. The same 15 & 30 seconds pre-roll and mid-roll ads will follow but there has been a dropped hint about the new service that it’s likely to be free, mobile-first and will re-invent the TV ads model.

“We plan to challenge the fundamentals of the industry,” said Brian Angiolet, senior VP-consumer products, Verizon.

AOL and Verizon will be jointly launching the ad strategy for Go90 during an Advertising Week presentation tonight. Go90 will include a mix of live events, popular prime-time TV shows and original web series. Mr. Angiolet notes that all of this content living side-by-side will shift the way ad inventory is valued. “The definition of how to price ads changes,” he said. “The audience is the premium.”

Verizon is one of the several PayTV operators that have created OTT platforms in an effort to appeal to millennials. It’s a race to not only invent new ways to view content, but also invent innovative advertising techniques to survive in these environments.

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