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VidCon 2015: Online Video is Changing the World As We Know It 27 July 2015

VidCon 2015


The overriding message from the day was certainly the industry colliding with TV and the thought leaders that spoke on the day suggested that the two aren’t going to remain separate much longer. That really came as no major surprise, but what did strike us as interesting was the way in which they expect the two worlds to collide. While the TV industry is roughly 10x the 7 billion dollar online video on demand industry, the speakers on Thursday’s industry track seemed to be advocating for equal treatment from advertisers.

When that equal treatment comes, whether that be 5 or 20 years from now, they see media being not about which bundle you bought from your cable provider, but more about making content for the right device and people consuming what they connect with the most, on whichever device suits it best, at a price that works for them. As mobile devices continue to increase in usage, it’s clear that the industry is focusing on ways to maybe watching on mobile better and better.

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