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Video Creators Look for Piracy Solutions to Protect Breakout Hits 30 April 2015


For computer shoppers in the late ’90s, it was all about the megahertz. Does this model have 266MHz? 300MHz? Is it a screamer at 500MHz? Every bump up represented a huge boost in computing power.

At a certain point, however, megahertz stopped mattering. Unless you’re a professional video or photo editor, or your job requires crunching giant databases, any machine will probably deliver the power you need.

Years ago, computing power became good enough and we all stopped worrying about it. We’re now at that point with television, with many providers delivering ”good enough” TV. A decade ago, you needed 500 channels and a few premium movie services just to find something to watch. That’s no longer the case.

Basic cable channels are creating quality series that get serious buzz. There’s so much quality on TV nowadays that you simply can’t watch it all—you’d never leave the couch.

The subscription video on demand (SVOD) services—Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and so on— have figured out that the way to get noticed is to create quality original programs. They’re succeeding commercially, thanks to series such asHouse of Cards, Orange Is the New Black, and Transparent, and they’re winning awards as well.

OTT TV platform is now good enough to satisfy a household. You don’t need 500 channels anymore. An HD antenna and a low­priced OTT service is fine. You’ll still have access to more quality shows and movies than you could watch.

All of this has me wondering: What happens when good enough TV collides with breakout hits? When a Netflix household gets the itch to see a celebrated Hulu original, what does it do? When an Amazon subscriber can’t resist a new Showtime show anymore, how does he get it?

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