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Video streaming service DEOD launched in South Africa 05 June 2017

DEOD (Digital Entertainment on Demand) has been introduced in South Africa bringing more competition to Netflix and Showmax in the African region. Discover Digital divulged the video-on-demand (VOD) entertainment player last month.

It’s offering includes a mix of new-release movies available to rent as well as on-demand older titles, documentaries, children’s programmes, series and a handful of internet TV channels.

The latter includes news channels such as BBC World, Al Jazeera, Bloomberg television, RT and a small selection of sports channels such as EdgeSport HD, FightBox HD, Motorvision, Nautical Channel and educational channel Sportskool, each with associated TV guides for download. DEOD can be accessed with iOS and Android apps and using a browser on your PC. Chromecast and AirPlay (Apple) options will be available on bespoke internet media player devices and through a Smart TV app in 2017. Dual view capability and five linked devices are offered on a single account. Read More

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