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Virgin rolls out upgraded V6 set-top-box 29 January 2018

Virgin Media has launched a free upgrade to its high-end V6 set-top-box. The program is touted to be the largest customer upgrade program ever carried out in the UK.

The V6 which is Virgin’s premium 4K-ready set-top box, allows users to record up to six programmes while watching a seventh recording or stream. While the company claims that the V6 is ten-times powerful than its previous TiVo set-top-box, it expects, the majority of its TV customers will have a V6 box by the end of the year.

Paolo Pescatore, Vice President Multiplay and Media, CCS Insight, quoted, “Beyond the slew of features that the V6 box offers, Virgin Media is well positioned to aggregate all of the OTT video services that are rapidly emerging in the UK. With this in mind the company should be more aggressive in securing more content with OTT providers to further strengthen its overall offering and complement its extensive cable broadband network.”

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