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Wurl Releases A New Video Viewing Index And It Has Some Surprising Facts 28 September 2015

AMOV Wurl Video Viewing Index


Mobile and OTT platforms are cutting into overall video usage patterns, but traditional pay TV still leads the way – by a big margin.That’s according to streaming video platform vendor Wurl, which introduced a U.S.-focused  index called AMOV (an acronym for Average Minutes of Viewing) that quantifies results based on a mix of public sources, including Nielsen, the NCTA, Pew Research, media reports and the OTT platform and service providers themselves.

The index takes into account both usage (minutes of viewing) and reach (percentage of U.S. adults that use the service) and outlines how it arrived at its findings. As the first report shows (Wurl intends to offer quarterly updates),  the monthly pay TV AMOV was 7,644 minutes, followed by Netflix (579 minutes), MVPD-provided guides (396 minutes),  YouTube (166 minutes), video via mobile (78 minutes), Roku (0.7 minutes) and the Apple TV (0.3 minutes).

Read the entire story here.

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