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YouTube launches 360-degree video on the big screen 19 May 2017

360 degree video

360-degree video streaming is being introduced on the big screen by YouTube. Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube announced on Wednesday at the Google I/O conference that the updated YouTube TV app with support for 360 video and will be available for platforms connected to TV which will include smart TVs and gaming consoles. YouTube also plans to introduce live 360 video on those connected living room devices, as well.

In the same Google I/O conference, Google has announced that more than 50 million Chromecast streaming adapters and Chromecast built-in devices have been shipped according to Rishi Chandra, VP of product management and GM of home products at Google. Chromecast device sales were 30 million last fall. The original Chromecast was introduced in July 2013.

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