Live Video SDK

SDKs for iOS and Android


Muvi Live SDK is meant for anyone who wants to integrate live broadcasting capability in their apps or want to build their live streaming app from the ground up using a suite of SDKs and APIs for any platforms.


  • Build for Developers
  • Seamless Live Streaming
  • Faster Go-to-Market
  • One Price.

Build for Developers

Add live streaming capability to your existing app by adding a few lines of code. Live documentation, consistent APIs, easy extensibility with community support; provide consistent HLS adaptive live playback on your native app.

Seamless Live Streaming

Muvi Live SDK acts as your video backend which you can easily access and manage through an extensible REST API. The comprehensive SDK lets you live stream from your app in minutes providing you scalability as your business grows.

Faster Time-to-Market

Broadcast your live video instantly as Muvi Live SDK equips you with an ideal rendition you would need for a range of devices operating on varied bandwidth. All of that possible without a professional video expert.


One Price. No Confusion.

No additional price for creating live streaming end-points or generating stream keys. One price includes everything.


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