Muvi Live: How it Works?

Step-by-step instructions to live stream video and audio content, record and store them as on-demand content


Muvi Live is a live streaming platform that enables you to live stream video and audio from your camera and microphone, respectively. With Muvi Live, you can live stream videos and audio at ultra-low latency. You can also live stream from your mobile device using the Muvi Live app.

Muvi Live enables you to record live streams and store them as on-demand content.

Muvi Live offers a 14-day Free Trial to explore the features.

Muvi Live

Sign Up & Initial Setup

Sign Up & Initial Setup

  1. Sign up with Muvi Live
    Go to the Muvi Live Sign Up page and enter the required information, and click on the Next button. Your free trial account will be created and you will be navigated to the CMS portal.
  2. Purchase Subscription
    Click on the Purchase Subscription button, choose the plan, and make payment using your credit card.
  3. Add a live stream
    Click the Add Live Stream button and enter the required information.
Sign Up with Muvi Live
Add Live Stream in Muvi Live

Manage Content and Channel

Configure and Start Live Streaming

  1. Configure a live stream
    Select the live stream and choose whether you want to record the live stream, want to enable DRM, and choose the streaming server location.
  2. Start live streaming
    After configuring the live stream, click Start Stream. Your live stream will be started in 1 or 2 minutes. Your stream info will be available, which you can paste into the streaming encoder.
  3. Publish live stream
    Click Embed and copy the embed code. You can then paste the embed code on your websites and apps. You can also get the output HLS code for easy publishing.

Sign Up & Initial Setup

Configure Streaming Encoder

There are multiple free streaming encoders available in the market such as OBS, vMix, Switcher Studio, Streamlabs, and Wirecast. The steps to configure a streaming encoder are almost the same.

Below are the steps to configure the OBS streaming encoder:

  1. Click the “+” icon under Scenes to add a scene.
  2. Click the “+” icon under Sources and select Video Capture Device as the source.
  3. Navigate to File >> Settings >> Stream.
  4. Choose “Custom” as the Service and enter the streaming info.
  5. Enter the Stream Info such as Server and Stream Key.
  6. Click the Start Streaming button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

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Manage Content and Channel

Live Stream from Muvi Live App

Muvi Live app is available for both Android and iOS. You can download the app based on your mobile operating system.

  1. Install Muvi Live mobile app
    Go to Play Store or App Store, search for Muvi Live, and install the app on your mobile or tablet.
  2. Add a live stream
    Tap the Add Stream button, enter the live stream title, and save it.
  3. Start live streaming
    Tap the Start Stream button and confirm that you wish to live stream and then tap the GO LIVE button at the bottom. You can switch between front and back cameras at any time.

Note: For live streaming from the Muvi Live mobile app, you are not required to download or install any streaming encoder.

Get Assistance

Get Assistance


In case you require any further assistance, you can always check out our Help Center or contact our support team. We’re available round the clock to assist you.


Top questions about Muvi Live we are often asked.

What is streaming hour?

When you start a stream on Muvi Live, we launch a dedicated live streaming server for you. Streaming hours is the number of hours the live streaming server is active. We charge you $0.50/hour for which the server is active.

If I am live streaming an exclusive video and stop streaming what happens to the video? Where does it get saved? Can I monetize the video afterward?

The video will be available in your stream library once the recording is completed. However, it may take a minute or two based on the live streaming duration.

I have multiple sites. Can Muvi Live help me stream live video on all my sites at once? Do I have to pay extra for it?

Yes, you can stream to multiple locations. There is no extra charge apart from what is applicable in your subscription plan. Infra charges are applicable.

What types of support do you offer?

Muvi Live offers 24x7x365 support via different modes such as ticket system, email, live chat, online tutorials, and help articles. Muvi also offers multi-lingual support.

What features does Muvi Live offer?

Muvi Live's core features include built-in CDN for content delivery, DRM for content protection, multiple monetization models, online video player, and recording live streams.

What payment methods do you support?

Muvi Live supports all leading credit and debit cards, in case you want to make payments via any alternate methods, you can speak with us and request for PayPal or Wire Transfer Details.

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