8 Reasons Why Muvi Live is an Advanced Live Streaming Platform

Instant, secured and buffer-free live streaming with Muvi Live


Start Live Stream Instantly with Just a Few Clicks

Live stream your eSports tournaments, corporate events, shows, training sessions, and podcasts anywhere across the world. Embed the live stream on your website and app and let your audience watch the event.

Drive Audience Engagement

Make your live stream interactive to engage your audience. With live chat, your audience can interact with you and you can answer their queries in real-time. Conduct a poll during live streaming, to know what your audiences are thinking about your event. Improve audience engagement to increase your chance of conversion.

Live Stream From Your Mobile

With Muvi Live mobile app, live stream scheduled or on-the-spot events from your mobile’s camera as well. Muvi Live got your back, even if you got no equipment or are required to live stream your event in a short period.

Live Stream on Social Media Platforms

With Muvi Live, integrate with major social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook (Meta) seamlessly and reach wider audiences. Simulcast your live event to different social media platforms without any hassle. Grow your audience base with your live events.


Uncomplicated Pricing

Unlimited live streaming, low latency and social media integration in every plan. Check out Muvi Live’s flexible pricing plans.

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Deliver Ultra-low Latency Live Streaming

Muvi Live’s built-in CDN lets you live stream your event with ultra-low latency, providing a real-time viewing experience to your audience. With adaptive multi-bitrate, provide buffer-free streaming to your audience regardless of their bandwidth.

Secure Live Streaming

Live stream your event securely with Muvi Live’s in-built multi-DRM. It prevents unauthorized access to your live event, preventing the scope of hacks, illegal downloads, and piracy. The audience with valid authorization will be able to access your event.

Record Live Streams

You can record your live event and store it in the cloud archive. Repurpose them as on-demand content or for your marketing campaigns.

White-labeled Live Streams

Muvi Live provides 100% white labeling to the live stream. There will be no ownership of Muvi Live in any form of logo, text, or watermark in the live streaming of your event. Live stream the event under your brand name and logo to increase your brand awareness.


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Muvi Live supports OBS, vMix, XSplit, WireCast, Cambria Live, Liveshell, AWS Elemental Live, Haivision, LiveU, Matrox, NewTek and Teradek.

In Muvi Live, security features include firewalls, SSL certificate, multi-DRM, watermarking, geo-blocking and VPN detection.

Yes. You can live stream audio by using the Muvi Live and any streaming software encoders like OBS, vMix. Once the live stream is live in Muvi Live, add its Server URL & Stream key in the streaming encoder. Get the output HLS link or embed link and add them into your website or apps.

Create the account in Muvi Live, add a live stream, get the streaming Server URL and Stream Key (automatically generated) once it starts live streaming and configure them in the streaming encoder. Get the output HLS link or embed link of the live stream & configure them into content or website. 

A Recognition of Muvi's Quality from the Industry

Muvi is a globally recognized leader in the markets it serves, as evidenced by the numerous awards and recognition the company and its employees have enjoyed.


These awards and recognition help inspire our team to think big, reach higher and be bolder each and every day when serving our clients.

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