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Muvi provides state-of-the-art solutions that encompass content management, streaming technology, and monetization strategies, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your digital entertainment venture.

Easily Launch & Grow Your Entertainment Streaming Platform

Premium VOD & Live Streaming

Deliver exclusive content with top-tier Video-On-Demand streaming service or engage audiences in real-time with seamless live streaming.

Media Management & Sharing

Effortlessly organize, tag, and share your media library for seamless content distribution and engagement.

Create Loyal Fans with Mobile and TV Apps

Extend your reach and captivate viewers with native streaming apps across mobile, TV, and more.

Launch Short Video App like TikTok

Join the short-form content revolution with Muvi Minis and deliver engaging and captivating content seamlessly.

Start. Stream. Succeed

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Reliable Live Streaming and Video Playback

  • Seamless Streaming Experience: Deliver high-quality video on demand and live streaming content, ensuring viewers enjoy a smooth, buffer-free experience.


  • Multi-Device Accessibility: Reach audiences across devices - from smartphones to smart TVs - expanding your reach and ensuring no one misses out on your content.


  • Personalized Content Delivery: Tailor recommendations and content offerings based on viewer preferences, creating an engaging and personalized experience.
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Secure Video Delivery

  • ISO Certified Platform: Muvi complies with all the security protocols mentioned ISO 27001:2013 certification. 


  • Multi-DRM Support: Have complete control over your content and prevent unauthorized access or redistribution of your content using multi-DRM support.


  • Dynamic Watermarking: Add a layer of security to your content using dynamic watermarking and avoid any unauthorized distribution.
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Streamlined Operations Workflow

  • Efficient Content Organization: Easily catalog, tag, and categorize your media library for quick and intuitive access to your vast content repository.


  • Scalability and Reliability: Robust AWS-backed scalable cloud architecture and CDN capabilities.
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Achieve Higher ROI

  • Diverse Revenue Streams: Explore various monetization models including subscriptions, in-app purchases, pay-per-view, and advertising, maximizing your revenue potential.


  • Boost viewership and engagement: Set promotional offers, and discounts to cater to different audience segments, enhancing customer acquisition and retention.


  • Secure Payment Integration: Ensure secure transactions with robust payment gateways, safeguarding financial transactions for both you and your customers.
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High Quality Video Streaming

  • Cross-platform SDK Support:  Ensure your content reaches audiences across various platforms and devices with our versatile player SDK support including web, iOS, Android, Samsung TizenOS, AndroidTV, LG webOS, and React Native.


  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming: Ensure optimal video quality, regardless of varying network conditions


  • Customize as Per Your Needs: Customize the video player as per your brand and embed Muvi's customizable player into your apps and websites.
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Effective Cloud TV Broadcasting

  • Intuitive Content Scheduling: Simply drag and drop content to schedule programs on your linear and FAST TV channel.


  • Dynamic Content Insertion: Seamlessly inject ads, promotions, and live events into your channels, maximizing revenue opportunities and viewer engagement.


  • Real-Time Monitoring and Analytics: Gain valuable insights into viewer behavior, content performance, and ad effectiveness with comprehensive analytics and reporting.
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Launch Your Entertainment Platform with Muvi

In a dynamic entertainment landscape, Muvi emerges as your trusted ally, shaping seamless, accessible, and engaging digital experiences.

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Key Features

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Visual Designer

Visual Designer

Build, modify and customize your entire website & mobile apps with drag and drop functionality without relying on developers.

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Flexible monetization models to acquire the broadest audience. SVOD, AVOD, and TVOD with the widest payment options.

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Analytics & Reporting

Optimize content strategy and viewer engagement with robust analytics to gain valuable insights effortlessly.

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Built-in CDN

Ensure seamless global content delivery for unparalleled viewer experiences with Muvi's built-in CDN

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