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Let your platform speak the language for all!

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Talk to your viewers in a languages that they are comfortable with! Muvi comes in-built with Multilingual / Multi Language support, that allows you to translate your website & apps into two or more languages and offer your visitors an option to pick and choose a language they are native in.

Export strings and convert them into local languages, add more than two languages and customize as well as localize your platform for your audience and geographies. Everything is possible with Muvi.

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  • Multilingual Platform for Website & Apps
  • Add Multiple Languages
  • Export and Import Language Strings
  • RTL Language Support
  • Support for native characters
  • Translate Custom Metedata values
  • Geo-Translation

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Multiple Languages

By default Muvi website and apps will be in English, however that doesn't stop you from converting it into local languages that’s preferred by your viewers. Add multiple languages and also setup a different default language for your platform so that your audience is comfortable accessing and being on your platform.


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Export & Import Strings

Muvi gives you an easy to use option of exporting language strings, this allows you to download our default texts strings in English and translate them into multiple languages at once and import them once again, saving you a whole lot of time and effort in manually converting and adding individual languages.

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RTL Language Support

Arabic and Hebrew are just two examples of popular RTL language strings and with Muvi we support RTL languages and allow you to translate your platform into a RTL supported language for the benefit of your audience.

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Native Characters (UTF-8)

Muvi support native language characters which are in UTF 8 format. Hence it becomes that much more easy for you to convert and support your local language as long as your translated strings are an UTF 8 compatible format.

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Custom Metadata Translation

The Muvi platform enables all values in the custom metadata fields to be translated into other languages. Offering more elements in a native language helps in better user engagement on your platform.

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Location-based Translation

The Muvi platform supports location-based language translation on your platform. When a user logs in from a certain geographic location, the website/app content gets translated and is available in the regional language.

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The software is wonderful and Muvi has an extremely professional support team. Our VOD platform offers content in English and Arabic. Although Arabic is considered challenging in terms of programming, Muvi made it possible for us to present in both languages.

Reem B, The Royal Film Commission- Jordan

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