HTVFun a Video-On-Demand (VOD) Service for Malaysia launched using Muvi Studio

HTV Fun to Offer a Varieties of TV Shows and Movies, On-Demand for Malaysian Viewers

New York, 15th September 2015: Malaysian content network HTV Entertainment has teamed up with Muvi ( to launch its Video-on-Demand (VOD) service (, with an offering of a wide range of Movies, Kids content & Animation, TV Shows featuring a wide range of genre like Cooking, Travel, Drama, Entertainment, Documentaries and even a dedicated Japanese Content Channel for the Malaysian audience in particular. is a content delivery platform for the web and “connected devices” using over-the-top (OTT) technology. licenses digital VOD rights to catalogs from other distributors and independent filmmakers. HTV brings online streaming of worldwide movies and TV shows that entertains, inspire and delight audiences of all ages that they can enjoy anywhere on any devices for free and also subscription-based (ad-free). HTV will continue to acquire and bring in more variety of content from around the world by renowned producers and other hard-to-find content not offered anywhere else to its library.

Shuffling across a variety of playlists like cooking shows, documentaries, comedy shows, animations, and even music videos, HTV Fun is a complete VOD package for every Malaysian who is ready to cut the cord and switch to what analysts are referring to as the future of television, i.e. Video On-Demand Streaming.

With a library spanning across genres and age-groups, HTV Fun is arriving in Malaysia with a promise. A promise of wholesome entertainment at the most affordable prices.

It’s been a great pleasure to work with Muvi and team. They know exactly what we need, and do everything possible to make our collaboration easy and pleasant.” says Kok Yin Wah - Business Owner at HTV Entertainment Limited.

Muvi ( a New York based Tech Company which has in the past launched VOD Platforms for MAA TV ( and ISKCON ( using its end-to-end OTT Video Streaming Platform – Muvi Studio, has helped launched HTV’s on-demand video streaming service as well and powers its entire platform from IT Infrastructure like Cloud Hosting, Servers, Storage, CDN, Video CMS, HTML5 Video Player to its website end-to-end, and incorporates in-built DRM for piracy protection of the licensed content that HTV lines up. 

Asia is one of the next big breeding grounds for video streamers. The APAC region in specific is likely to create more customers than many European nations. We look forward to powering these businesses and be a part of the next entertainment revolution.” says Viraj Mehta – Head of International Business at Muvi.

Muvi Studio works on Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) model, offering video content owners, broadcasters, TV Channels, and Cable Companies an out-of-the-box, end-to-end Multi-Screen Video Streaming / Video-on-Demand Platform using which they can launch their own branded VOD & Video Streaming platform offering across Web, Mobile, Smart TVs, STBs, Media Boxes and Gaming Consoles in a matter of few days and with Zero Upfront Investment! 

Muvi Studio takes care of everything end-to-end, from providing Cloud-Based IT Infrastructure, CDN, Unlimited Storage, Server Side Security & Firewall and bandwidth management to HTML5 Video Player with in-build DRM and encryption for enhanced protection against piracy as well as building, managing, and hosting of the website and mobile apps, all deployable at a click on a button in a matter of days!

The video streaming industry is abuzz with major production houses, broadcasters, TV networks, cable companies, and creative shifting to online video to showcase and monetize their work. The lure of being able to watch TV anywhere, anytime, and with any device has caught the fancy of the audiences and the industry alike.

About Muvi LLC & Muvi Studio

Muvi is a New York-based Technology Company and its product Muvi Studio, enables video content owners like TV Channels, Networks, Broadcasters, Cable Companies, Production Houses, and Film & TV Studios to launch their own-branded OTT Multi-Screen Video Streaming / Video-on-Demand (VOD) Platform offering Live as well as on-demand content along with various monetization options like SVOD, TVOD and AVOD, quickly and easily at a click of a button and in a matter of few days at ZERO CapEx Cost, without requiring the hassles of the technical work involved in the development, or the huge expense of having someone else build it. 

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With Muvi Studio, Muvi aims to disrupt the global OTT Video-on-Demand (VoD) market which is ruled by the giants, by offering a very cost-effective solution for video content owners to launch their own platform, thus lowering their overall cost and time involved in go-to-market and providing them monetization options beyond the borders of traditional advertising, giving them more control over how their content is distributed and what they charge for the same, thus putting them in driver’s seat of their own business than relying on others.

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About Muvi

Muvi LLC is a prominent product-based SaaS company based out of New York. The company provides a cloud-hosted streaming platform and end-to-end solutions for video/audio content owners, broadcasters, TV networks, and content aggregators to launch their own-branded, multi-screen, multi-format OTT streaming service such as Netflix, Prime Video, Spotify, Deezer, etc. that can offer both Live & On-Demand content and be delivered across Web, Mobile, and TV instantly.

The company has gained international recognition in the audio/video streaming space and is trusted by 350+ clients in over 50 countries across territories including North America, Europe, Latin America, Middle-East, Africa, Australia, and Asia.

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