Sanjh gets Exclusive Rights to Showcase 1000+ content from Starrin’s Catalog

10 June 2019, New York: Sanjh, the world’s first blockchain-based content licensing marketplace today announced a partnership with the popular digital network Starrin, known for its unique content meant for kids and young adults. The new collaboration paves way for the Mumbai-based entertainment company to list its huge content inventory on Sanjh’s decentralized content marketplace reaching thousands of content buyers, broadcasters, and streaming service owners. 

Sanjh is an open-source portal that ensures optimum content visibility for the sellers while keeping the security of the content well intact by virtue of blockchain. On the other hand, Starrin’s age-appropriate quirky content has been garnering positive responses among the netizens right from the beginning and has a loyal fan following. The exclusive partnership will not only make Starrin’s content available to buyers from every corner of the world but also through Sanjh, Starrin can keep track of its content usage, distribution, and royalty. 

“Starrin is known for its fresh and future-ready content. Our business interest is driven by compassion and accessibility. Compassion for curating original, engaging content and making it accessible to both local and global audiences, says Louie Ralph, Chief Revenue Officer, Starrin. “Sanjh was an instant hit among us as it gives thousands of buyers across the globe instant accessibility to the featured content. Broadcasters and streaming service owners can now license our content effortlessly and entertain their audience and subscribers around”, adds Louie. 

Bibhuti Acharya, Head of Marketing, Sanjh, said, “Sanjh is unique. No one has ever done what we have built. We have made content licensing simpler, faster and better. Simpler, because there is no involvement of anyone except seller and buyer; Faster because it is driven by technology, therefore, no physical meeting required; and Better, because of Blockchain which empowers sellers like Starrin to feature, distribute, license, and earn revenue in a completely hassle-free manner. We are ecstatic about onboarding Starrin on Sanjh”, Bibhuti adds.


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Bibhuti Acharya

Head of Marketing, Sanjh

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About Starrin: 

Starrin'​ World is the only digital network in the world that produces content for kids and young adults in the age group of 6 to 24 years.  It's properties produce engaging content that gives its diverse global viewers access to one of a kind content. 

About Sanjh:

Sanjh is a Blockchain-based content marketplace to license any media content for sharing and broadcasting across OTT and other content sharing platforms. 

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