Built-in CDN

Enhances the performance, speed, and efficiency of content delivery to end-users.

Built-in CDN from Amazon Cloudfront

Muvi is backed by Amazon Cloudfront that provides fast and secure delivery of video/audio content for your streaming platform. Muvi also detects the location where the end users are accessing content from and delivers content via AWS Cloudfront from a server or node closest to the user’s location. This reduces latency during content delivery and enhances streaming performance of your OTT platform.

CDN Locations

Backed by highly scalable AWS Cloudfront CDN, Muvi delivers content via 225+ points of presence to a global network of 42 availability zones connecting 16 geographic regions around the world.

Bring your own CDN

Muvi offers the flexibility for users to seamlessly integrate the Content Delivery Network (CDN) of your choice, allowing for a highly customized and adaptable streaming infrastructure. Designed with versatility in mind, Muvi is capable of accommodating a wide range of industry-leading CDNs as well as emerging technologies like Akamai, Cloudflare, Google CDN, Azure CDN etc.

Scalability and Global Reach

Muvi's built-in CDN is designed to scale easily to accommodate increased traffic and demand. This ensures reliable content delivery even during peak usage periods, such as live events or popular releases. With servers distributed worldwide, the built-in CDN optimizes content delivery for a global audience. This is particularly beneficial for platforms that cater to viewers across different regions.

Fast and Secured Content Delivery

With Muvi’s Built-in CDN, you can reduce time for deployment and deliver video/audio streams at a faster speed to your users across the globe. Being a highly secure CDN, AWS Cloudfront provides high-end security to your platform both at network and application levels. Your streaming platform and content are protected against transport and network layer DDoS attacks. Muvi’s Built-in CDN securely archives your streaming content with high authentication and encryption standards to tackle unprecedented security threats.


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