Muvi Onyx

Muvi Onyx offers an instant preview of your Mobile & TV Apps, allowing you to interact with the user interface just like an end-user, with patent pending technology.

Instant Preview

Preview and experience your mobile app just like your end users would upon deployment. With Muvi Onyx, instantly access a production-quality preview of your app with all standard functions enabled, from user registration and login to payment processes. Interact with your content, stream videos and audio, or make purchases—all within the preview app. Muvi Onyx allows you to not only see but also fully experience your app before it's built and uploaded to app stores.

Real Time Changes

Muvi Onyx compiles and builds your preview app in real-time, which means any changes you make to your OTT platform or any content you upload, can be previewed instantly in Muvi Onyx. Simply make changes to your CMS and return to the patent-pending Muvi Onyx app, log in to your account and you will see the preview instantly with the updated changes. It's that simple. No tickets, no back and forth, no development processes. The power is in your hands!

Video / Audio Streaming

Muvi Onyx isn't just a preview app—it's a near-deployment quality app delivered instantly to your mobile phone. Experience all the features your end-users will see, including checking the user interface, design, and even video/audio streaming of your content. Yes, you heard it right! The preview app enables real-time playback of all your content, allowing you to test streaming quality firsthand. Plus, you can upload new content or make changes, hit play, and instantly see the updates reflected in the app.

Ready for Deployment

Muvi Onyx compiles your app, it does so in real time. Once the app is compiled, what is delivered to you is much more than a "Preview App", it's as good as a production or deployment quality app. This means that the app you see on your mobile phone is actually a Native App for that ecosystem (iOS or Android) and will have a quality and finish that you come to expect in a deployment/production quality app. All that is standing between preview and deployment is your approval!

Available on Multiple Platforms

Muvi Onyx app is available for Android, iOS, Roku, and Samsung Tizen ecosystems. You can download Muvi Onyx from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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