Nested Content

Create multipart content for your streaming platform with ease!

Create and manage 2 and 3 level contents

Structure your content in 2 or 3 levels. You can define how many levels will be in the nested content and structure your content across the levels. For example, Create 2 level group like “Album --> Tracks” to create a music album or podcast. Create a 3-level group like "Title--> Seasons--> Episodes" for OTT Platform or "Course-->Subjects-->Lesssons" for eLearning Platform

Improved user experience

You will have the flexibility of assigning a desired view, to each level of content - tab view, list view, dropdown view, separate page, etc. so that your viewers can quickly and easily find the content they are looking for, leading to a more enjoyable and satisfying experience on the platform.

Better content management

Muvi One allows for efficient and effective content management with the Nested content feature. This makes it easier for your streaming platform to keep track of and update your content library.

Multiple combinations of monetization methods

Stream multiple levels of content just the way you see on Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. For example, You create a web series; “ABC” and finished recording Season 1 which contains 8 episodes. With Muvi One, you can simply create a parent category called ABC, and create a child category ( say, Season 1) where you can insert the individual episodes. In the future when you make season 2 of the show, Muvi One even gives you the flexibility to stream it pay-per-view.


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Increased customer engagement

Nested content allows for an increased level of engagement as the audience progresses through the video, keeping them interested and invested. A well-defined structured content strategy ensures that there is a flow to the content leading to better user retention, more clarity of content, and user-friendly designs.

Increased discoverability

By organizing content into categories and subcategories, your viewers will be able to discover new and relevant content that they might not have found otherwise. Be it any type of content, Muvi One allows your viewers to find the relevant one.

Enhanced search

Improve the search functionality on your platform with Muvi One. The Nested content functionality makes it easier for viewers to find specific content using keywords or filters.

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