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Zero Coding Platform

Visual Designer helps you build your website & mobile apps without relying on developers. Drag and drop functionality allows you to create, modify and customize your entire website & mobile apps. No coding is required.

Mobile Editor

Want your streaming mobile app to look amazing? Use the Visual Editor to create a mobile app that's fully functional and professional-looking. Optimize your pages' layout, change the background, and menu items with ease, and beautify it with mobile-only elements.

Real-time Edits

Create and modify visual aspects such as text style, size, color, background color, etc. in one go. You can see your edits in real time without leaving the editor.

Banner Management

With this user-friendly and intuitive feature, admins can seamlessly upload, edit, and organize banners to create visually captivating and engaging website experiences. A few of the functionalities include; uploading and editing banners, banner ordering, text customization, button integration, banner duplication, and banner deletion


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Instant Preview & Publish

You can preview the changes you have made to see the live site in action. It gives you a picture of how good or bad your website will be, and then you can make responsive edits. Once you are done and ready, you can publish it live and verify your updated website.

Page Level Actions

Muvi One Visual Designer has an easily accessible dropdown that is used to switch between available pages along with a Global search to search any page. This allows users to create both dynamic and static pages easily.

Code Editor

Muvi Visual Designer also allows you to make edits at the code level. In case you want to customize the pages at the code level, the Code Editor feature allows you to do just that! Changes made will be reflected on the page at the same time.

Quick Tips

Whether you're a seasoned user or just getting started, Quick Tips offer a concise tour of Visual Designer highlighting the key aspects. Navigate effortlessly and gain valuable insights for a seamless introduction to the platform's functionalities.

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