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HLS share for audio and video content

Experience seamless audio and video streaming with Muvi Playout's HLS share. Leverage the power of the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol to ensure smooth playback across various devices and networks. Whether it's high-quality audio or stunning video content, HLS guarantees optimal delivery and an immersive viewer experience for your FAST channels.

Generate HLS link from CMS

Seamlessly generate HLS links for your playout powered online TV or FAST channels using Muvi Playout's intuitive CMS. Use the “Generate HLS” button to create HLS links and stream your content across platforms. Muvi Playout allows you to manage the HLS feed directly from your CMS by letting you start and stop the HLS feeds as per your requirements.

Notifications via email and in the CMS

Get notified about the status of your HLS links right from the moment they are generated. Log in to Muvi Playout’s CMS and get notified about the ‘active’ status of your HLS feeds. Muvi Playout is also designed to trigger emails to your inbox every 24 hours, notifying you about the ‘active’ status of your HLS feeds.


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Easy Integration via API

Seamlessly connect your online TV channels with other systems and platforms using Muvi Playout's robust API capabilities. This allows you to automate processes, enhance efficiency, and streamline your content distribution workflow.

Wide compatibility

The HLS links are easily accessible and viewable on a variety of platforms, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, desktops, and more. Reach a wider audience across different platforms, and maximize your viewership and engagement.

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