Drag & Drop Scheduler

Simple drag & drop interface to schedule programs on your web TV channel.


Drag & drop interface

Easily schedule programs by dragging and dropping the required content to make changes quickly and easily while reducing the manual efforts. The drag-and-drop scheduler in Muvi Playout boasts an incredibly user-friendly interface, making it simple to use without any technical know-how. Its intuitive design and straightforward operation ensure that anyone can utilize the scheduler with ease.

Add gaps

Manage empty slots while scheduling the content for a desired period of time. These gaps can be utilized for a variety of purposes, such as accommodating future content or for serving ads.

Filler Media

Set preferred videos or audio as default to engage your audience during intervals. Seamlessly insert promotional videos and bridge the gap between programs while keeping your viewers engaged.

Repeating Events

Effortlessly schedule your content to repeat on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis until a specified date. Streamline scheduling process and save valuable time.


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Improved visibility

The channel schedule is presented in a more organized and accessible way. All the information about the content, including the details and timing, is displayed on one page, eliminating the need to switch between multiple pages to find the information you need.

Simultaneous views

With the new drag-and-drop scheduler, you can see both the content list and current schedule simultaneously. This allows you to keep track of the scheduled content and manage your schedule effectively without having to go back and forth.

Flexible scheduling

Simply drag and drop your content in order, and the program schedule will automatically update with adjusted time frames based on the duration or manually edit the start time, end time, and duration of all programs allowing more flexibility.

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