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Policy Engine

Rule The Industry By Your Own Rules

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Unlock the true power of a streaming service owner with our super smart Policy Engine. The policy engine is Muvi’s most ambitious feature to amplify your control over the platform like never before. Set rules to offer content to your audience.

Configure policy as many times you want with a user-friendly browser interface, Instantly! Exert the power of differential pricing by tweaking the viewing resolution, method of purchase, types of users etc. Set the content distribution policy that suits you and monetizes your customer and your content the way you like it!

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  • Easy-to-use Browser Interface
  • Link Policies to Content
  • Link Policies to Monetization

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Easy-to-use Browser Interface


Navigate through the most simple browser interface that is devoid of any technical detailing and requires no IT expertise from the user whatsoever. Neatly hover across the browser and configure your content policy as and when required.


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Link Policies to Content


Distribute content like a pro by linking multiple policies to multiple contents. Multi-device content consumption has become the run-of-the-mill. Be pocket-friendly to your customers by allowing them to view a specific piece of content in multiple resolutions. Allow or restrict your users from accessing your content based on price, the method of purchase, type of user and many more.

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Link Policies to Monetization

Monetize content like a pro with Policy Engine. Derive plans such as Diamond, Gold, and Silver and add rules of your choice. Offer one content in SD quality at $15 and let your customers watch it thrice in a month or offer the same in HD quality at $20 and allow unlimited viewing in a month. Your Platform. Your Rules.

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