Subscription (SVOD)

Sell video and audio content online based on the subscription (SVOD) model

Create Custom Plans

Create flexible packages and customize subscription plans for your streaming platform. You can offer monthly, quarterly, or yearly plans to your subscribers as per your business model. You can either offer the entire video and audio library or part of it under subscriptions.

Automated Recurring Payments

Muvi One’s auto-renewal feature allows you to automatically renew the subscriber’s subscription at the end of their cycle. In any case, if your subscribers’ card is blocked or has surpassed its limit on the date of their renewal, Muvi One automatically charges the card back in a week’s time, all this without clicking a single button.

Multi-Currency & Multi-Payment Gateway Support

Muvi One supports multi-currency and integrates with multiple payment gateways offering your subscribers a chance to pay from their local currencies. You can have a truly global platform where you can charge a visitor based on their location either in USD or Euro or GBP with variable pricing for each currency.

No Revenue Sharing

You get everything with Muvi One’s audio/video streaming platform without sharing a single revenue. All your subscription video-on-demand revenues are directly linked to your bank account and Muvi One has no intervention towards it whatsoever.

Sell Subscription Bundles

With Muvi One, you can easily create and sell subscription video-on-demand bundles. So if you have a group of content and you would like to offer just that under subscriptions instead of an entire library, then you can create Subscription Bundles and sell it easily!

Auto-payment Reminder

Streamlining payment procedure even further, Muvi One enables automatic payment reminders to your subscribers. You can set a reminder time frame for your user accounts, and the platform will automatically trigger the reminder when the configured conditions are met.

Create Private Subscription Plans

In addition to your regular subscription plans, you can create private plans with different pricing. You can follow the same process of creating a subscription plan, but you only have to set the visibility to private. Your audience will be charged recurrently based on the pricing until they cancel.

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