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How Compliance Document Management streamlines your regulation?

Ankit Jena Published on : 06 January 2022
compliance document management


With the advent of cloud infrastructure, digital workspace and remote work facility reformed the methods of business operation. Maintaining compliance with federal regulations for data protection is highly crucial. Even a small mistake like giving access to a wrong person or accidentally deleting an important document can affect your confidential data security. You clients, partners and investors do trust you a lot. However, lack of compliance can question your security and affect client retention. Hence, compliance document management is crucial for every organization.


What is compliance document management and why is it important?

Compliance document management is the process of strengthening data protection and thereby automating the processes to make sure SOPs are followed. It helps to standardize, organize as well manage documents to simplify the entire process for the global team. With this process, team members can search, categorize, edit, create versions, archive as well as recover organizational data from one place.

It is important because it optimizes the standard operating procedures, enhances security and liability, and creates consistent workflows.

Our product Tattle, is checklist-based workflow management software that allows businesses to create, change, and manage document tracking workflow. It provides easy control of all your document versions, history and user access.


Tattle’s feature that streamlines your document regulation and compliance


Centralized repository/archive for storing documents

Depending on the category of business, a centralized workspace is highly crucial to gather, store and retrieve documents automatically from one place. A centralized workspace prevents unauthorized access to data. It allows only the employees and their respective managers to access and update the documents. It stores all the modifications made to the document and in case of tampering, you can see exactly who has done this. It empowers employees to recover the older version of the document in the event of any incorrect or unauthorized changes made to it.

Centralized workspace help businesses with:

  • Enhanced data security
  • Simplified workflows
  • Noteworthy cost-saving
  • Improved affordability
  • Rise in cloud storage

Tattle offers a centralized workspace that stores and manages all your data in a single place. You get the access to control all the documents under one roof and manage team compliance competently.


compliance document management


Automated approval of your documents

Automated approval of documents streamlines the approval process of your business and thus eradicates the annoyance and inefficiencies of traditional approval methods. An automated approval workflow automation software forwards the request to the appropriate manager to grant or deny approval within a predefined time frame. Thus, it eliminates the delays in the document approval process.

Automated approval of documents helps stakeholders to:

  • Accelerate and track approvals
  • Boost audit readiness
  • Send proactive alerts
  • Rapidly trace approvals
  • Provide enhanced security
  • Speed up approval process

If you are searching for the best workflow management tool in the industry for an automated approval system, there is no better option than Tattle. It lets you create an automated approval workflow for submitting, routing, reviewing as well as tracking approvals on various documents. You can obtain a comprehensive audit trail of workflow activities with time, date and the person who has done it.


Version control

Version control is extremely crucial when documents undergo a lot of revisions and re-drafting. It helps in tracking changes as well as identifying when key decisions were made on the route of making changes.

It provides precious information about the author along with the date of revisions. It also provides the purpose of the changes made to the document.

Version control helps you with:

  • Tracing all the revisions or changes made
  • Finding out document history
  • Branching and merging
  • Reduction of duplication and errors
  • Open channels for communication
  • Adherence to compliance

Tattle’s version control feature allows you to trace the changes made in documents and it also retains the original versions in a centralized workspace. You can recover the previous versions and promote them as the newest version.


Access control  

Access control enables you to offer the right access to the right individual and the right areas of your facility, at any time. It is one of the easy methods of managing the security of your document. Most importantly it prevents unauthorized access to the documents and thereby helps protect premises and the individual along with the assets from any kind of damage or security breaches.

Tattle provides you the flexibility to control which documents a user or a group of users can view as well as modify.

Well, Tattle is not limited to those above-mentioned features. There are several more features that help you create an automated workflow system for your organization. It helps you create ideal workflows in minutes without any coding knowledge. Enjoy all features of creating and managing compliance document management by taking a 14-days free trial now!


compliance document management

Written by: Ankit Jena

Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 5+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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