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Create and Manage Audio & Video Playlists with Muvi Flex

Ishita Banik Published on : 10 December 2021
Create Audio & Video Playlists with Muvi Flex


The Muvi Flex users can now easily curate and share audio & video content as playlists with its playlist solution. Be it music or educational video/audio content, you can easily organize them through audio/video playlists and create a media repository that improves the experience of your end-users and nurtures the stakeholders. Let’s have a glimpse of what all this playlist solution has to offer-


Highlights of Muvi Flex’s Playlist Solution


  • Create Audio/Video Playlists for Multiple Industries

No matter which industry you are operating in, you can create audio/video playlists and embed them into apps or websites just through a few button clicks. The playlist solution lets you stream those playlists across diverse business chains and outlets. As per the requirements of your business you can run ads, music, videos and many more while controlling them all from a centralized location using the Muvi Flex CMS (Content Management System).

Use Case: Robert and Hugo are from the gaming and e-learning industry respectively and they need to create some video playlists for their respective audience. Muvi Flex’s playlist solution will let them create the playlists and stream across their respective business outlets easily.

  • Built-in CDN for Seamless Streaming

The built-in robust CDN (Content Delivery Network) of Muvi Flex enables you to deliver buffer-free seamless video/audio content to your end-users across the geographies. Muvi Flex’s CDN has 225+ points of presence around the globe which ensures that the content will be delivered from the nearest servers to the users to provide them with optimum streaming experience irrespective of their location.

Use Case: Steffanie has a streaming business with audience around the globe and she has created a new playlist with the most-watched and trending video content. With Muvi Flex, she will be able to provide the viewers with lag-free high quality streaming experience.

  • Embed HLS Playlists Anywhere

Embedding HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) playlists is easier than ever for the Muvi Flex customers. You can embed the HLS output URL in any website, app, or third party player in just a matter of a few minutes to provide the viewers with seamless streaming experience over any platform.

Use Case: Muvi Flex customer Andrew has recently created a playlist with all his recent podcasts. He wants to promote the playlist on some third party websites for higher reach. He can easily do it in just a few minutes with this feature of Muvi Flex.

  • Publish Playlists on Social Media

It is possible to reach out to even a wider audience by publishing your playlists on social media and with Muvi Flex, you can complete this task in a jiffy. Its seamless integration allows you to embed HLS URLs directly into social media handles from a single dashboard to leverage the potential of all such platforms.

Use Case: Margaret has just created a playlist with her new music concerts and she wants to promote them on social media. Being a Muvi Flex customer, she can easily publish her playlists on all social media through a few clicks.

  • Create and Manage Playlists from the CMS

Now you can add, create, edit, or manage your playlists as and when you want without going through any technical process. Creating unlimited playlists to editing or sharing it- all you can do swiftly from the simple-to-use CMS of Muvi Flex.

Uses Case: Muvi Flex customer Ethan needs to edit his old playlists by adding and deleting some content. He can do it instantly by just logging in to the CMS without following any technical steps.


And not only these, Muvi Flex’s playlist solution offers you unlimited facilities when it comes to creating and customizing your playlists effortlessly. To know more visit our Audio and video playlists solution page. 


If you are yet to try Muvi Flex, take a 14-day free trial now (no credit card needed)!

Written by: Ishita Banik

Ishita is a Content Writer with Muvi Marketing Team. Apart from business writing, she is also an acclaimed author of three best seller romantic thriller novels. In 2020, she got featured in The Hindustan Times, a leading news portal as an inspirational Indian author.

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