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Enhance TV Experience With Muvi’s EPG!

Ankit Jena Published on : 24 May 2024


Introducing Muvi’s EPG for TV app that will allow you to integrate Electronic Program Guide functionally with your live TV channels and thus allowing your viewers to browse through the list of contents and which content to be broadcasted at what time. Muvi One offers a comprehensive array of tools for efficiently managing Channels and their Electronic Program Guides (EPG), thereby boosting user experience across various platforms.


What is EPG in Streaming?

Electronic Programming Guide, popularly known as EPG is an electronically generated list of contents giving the broadcast schedule of the contents of a live TV channel or streaming service. We can also refer to it as a time table of the content that is going to air or has aired in the past. You have the complete choice of giving the schedule of your broadcasts for one day, week, or a month or even longer than that.

Modern broadcast systems come with automatically generated EPG, where it takes the data input when the broadcaster feeds the list of content into the system through a XML, HTML, or CSV file.


EPG for TV app


How Can You Use EPG in Your TV app?

You can use EPG to develop a schedule of content that your channel or app will stream allowing your viewers to get clear information when they will be able to watch their favorite shows.

Once you upload the content into your content management system and feed the system with a list of broadcasts through XML, HTML, or CSV files, it will automatically generate an EPG and the audience will be able to access it on their device.

EPGs can be updated in real-time to reflect any changes to the broadcasting schedule. This ensures that viewers have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information about what is currently airing and what’s coming up next.


Programming Schedule

The primary use of EPG is to allow your audience to get the schedule of the contents in advance, providing them a convenient method to enjoy their favorite shows. You can include program titles, descriptions, start time, and end-time in the EPG.


Program Metadata

You can also use EPG to provide additional information about each program such as genre, ratings, cast information and more.



You can also personalize EPG such as providing recommendations to your audience based on viewing history or preferences.


How Muvi Helps With EPG?


Effortless Channel Management

Discover the seamless convenience of managing live TV with Muvi One. Our platform simplifies the setup process, allowing you to effortlessly add channels, upload logos, and set HLS links directly within the CMS. This streamlined approach not only enhances channel organization but also saves valuable time and resources. Experience the efficiency of Muvi One for effortless channel management.


Flexible EPG Integration

Muvi One presents a cohesive program guide, effortlessly amalgamating EPG data sourced from either Muvi Playout or any cloud service. Tailor layouts and program particulars through the CMS to cater to viewer preferences. Interactive elements such as hover-over descriptions and one-click play options are incorporated to enrich viewer engagement.


Multi-platform Support

Achieve uniform live TV accessibility across various platforms with Muvi One’s versatile support system. Its Electronic Program Guide (EPG) effortlessly harmonizes with websites, television, and  ready to be launched mobile applications, empowering users to effortlessly explore and enjoy live content on their favored devices.


Seamless User Experience

Experience effortless navigation through various channels and programs across a multitude of platforms, including websites and TV apps (with mobile apps in development), ensuring a smooth transition between different content offerings. Benefit from a clear and intuitive schedule layout, allowing for easy exploration and discovery of your favorite shows and events. Delve deeper into specific channels with detailed information available on dedicated pages, providing comprehensive insights to enhance your viewing experience. Whether you’re browsing on your computer, tablet, or TV screen, enjoy a seamless journey through entertainment options tailored to your preferences.

Sign up with Muvi One to provide your audience a seamless streaming experience by integrating your App or platform with EPG! Take a free trial now! 

Written by: Ankit Jena

Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 5+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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