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Enhance TV Experience With Muvi’s EPG! 24 May 2024

  Introducing Muvi’s EPG for TV app that will allow you to integrate Electronic Program Guide functionally with your live TV channels and thus allowing your viewers to browse through the list of contents and which content to be broadcasted … Continue reading

Cloud-Based Linear TV Management: EPG, Scheduler, and HLS Feeds 05 March 2024

Cloud-Based Linear TV Management encompasses a suite of essential functionalities including Electronic Program Guide (EPG), Scheduler, and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) Feeds. These components play a pivotal role in orchestrating the seamless delivery of linear TV content over the internet, … Continue reading

Get this straight: OTT vs IPTV 05 December 2023

We often come across the terms OTT and IPTV when talking about the video streaming industry. Don’t beat yourself up if these terms seem puzzling. We hear ya and are here to help. OTT and IPTV, both, refer to delivering … Continue reading

What is EPG and How Does it Work? 10 May 2023

As a viewer, we all want to browse through the content list of a channel (be it FAST Channel or linear TV channel), so that we can know when they will be broadcasting our favorite shows. This list of content … Continue reading