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Live Stream Premium Protected Content with Muvi Live Security

Ankit Jena Published on : 06 June 2024
live streaming security


Live streaming has become an integral part of many industries, from entertainment and gaming to business and education. However, as its popularity grows, so do the security and privacy concerns associated with it. By implementing robust security measures, live streaming services can protect their users, content, and reputation, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Muvi Live protects your live streams from a wide range of security threats, including unauthorized recording and access, and theft of user data by using various security measures such as multi-DRM, Server-side Security & Firewall, Password Protected Live streams, Screen Record Protection.

Our Multi-DRM protects your live streams against piracy. Muvi Live uses multi-tier DRM, including prominent DRM services like Widevine, PlayReady, and Fairplay, to ensure complete protection regardless of the user’s device or browser.


How Muvi Live Protects Your Live Streams?


SSL Certificate

Muvi Live’s backend CMS and admin panel are reinforced with an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate, which is critical in ensuring data security. This certificate assures that all data passed between Muvi Live servers and clients, whether through websites or applications, is encrypted using a highly secure and unbreakable code. This encryption is intended to safeguard sensitive data from unwanted access and potential cyber threats.

The use of SSL certificates in Muvi Live provides the highest degree of data encryption available, protecting your material from unauthorized interception or alteration by hackers. With this strong encryption, you can be certain that your material will stay safe and secure as it travels from our servers to your users.

Along with encryption, Muvi Live’s SSL certification enables authentication, guaranteeing that data is transferred and received from valid sources. This dual purpose of encryption and authentication adds an extra degree of protection, ensuring that your material is protected.


Screen Recording Protection

Muvi Live provides strong protection for your material, even against the apparently insurmountable threat of piracy via screen recording. Muvi Live’s strong security features will prevent any attempt to screen-record your live stream or grab a snapshot. Instead of recording your important video, the screen will just go black, guaranteeing that your live streams are safe and free of piracy.

Muvi Live’s technology is designed to identify and prevent screen recording or screenshot attempts in real time. This means that regardless of the equipment or program used to record your content, Muvi Live will render these attempts futile, giving you peace of mind that your video is protected from unlawful sharing.

By choosing Muvi Live, you can confidently share your live streams, knowing that your content is protected from one of the most challenging forms of piracy.



Ensure the security of your live streams by adding dynamic watermarks that display the During playback, display the viewer’s IP address, name, or email address. These watermarks improve content security by making it far more difficult for unauthorized users to record and share your material.

The watermark, which may contain the viewer’s IP address, name, or email address, is not static. It glides discreetly across the screen at random intervals. You have control over the opacity and time of the watermark. This adjustment guarantees that the watermark is prominent enough to discourage content theft while without disrupting the viewing experience. The watermark is tough to blur or modify because of its mobility and variable opacity.

This provides an extra degree of protection since the watermark is always moving and changing. Using identifiers like names, email addresses, or IP addresses included in the stream, you may link any illegal dissemination of your material to the individual viewer.


Password Protected Live Streams

Increase the security of your live streams by adopting password protection, which ensures that only authorized viewers may access your material. By asking viewers to submit a password, you may effectively limit access to those who have the necessary credentials. This layer of protection is critical for ensuring the privacy and integrity of your broadcasts, making it suitable for exclusive events, secret meetings, or sensitive material that should not be publicly available. Password-protected live broadcasts allow you to confidently share your material while protecting it from illegal access.


Geoblocking and VPN Detection

Muvi Live has sophisticated geoblocking tools to ensure that your live streams are only visible to the intended audience. You may specify geoblocking criteria depending on nation, state, or even local level, giving you complete control over who can see your material. When people from a restricted location try to watch your live feeds, they are automatically disabled to prevent unwanted access.

Furthermore, Muvi Live has strong VPN detecting technologies to help you protect your broadcasts. If customers attempt to circumvent geoblocking by using VPNs, Muvi Live’s advanced technology will detect the VPN usage and prevent them from watching the live stream. This protects your material from illegal viewers while protecting the uniqueness and quality of your live feeds. 


live streaming security


Embed the player on trusted domains

Add your live broadcasts to an approved list so that they may only be accessed through trusted websites. You keep control over where your material appears by deciding which sites can embed your live feeds. This feature improves security and guarantees that your material only reaches its intended audience via approved channels.


Server-Side Security & Firewall

Muvi Live uses a wide range of security measures to secure its infrastructure and provide the best degree of safety for its consumers. These procedures include frequent penetration testing and security audits, which aid in identifying and mitigating possible risks. Muvi Live also includes continuous, round-the-clock security monitoring designed to detect and respond to threats, including Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, in real time.

Muvi Live does frequent data backups and has an advanced Disaster Recovery (DR) plan in place to strengthen its security posture. This guarantees that, in the case of a catastrophic failure or data loss, activities may be rapidly resumed and no data is permanently lost. The mix of proactive and reactive security measures creates a multi-layered defensive system that always protects your data and services.

Muvi Live is a comprehensive live streaming platform designed to deliver enterprise-grade features, enabling you to broadcast your live events with a polished, professional touch. Whether you are broadcasting corporate webinars, live concerts, sports events, or any other type of live broadcast, Muvi Live ensures a seamless and high-quality streaming experience. The platform offers a robust set of tools that cater to both large-scale enterprises and smaller organizations, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to elevate their live streaming capabilities.

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Written by: Ankit Jena

Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 5+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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