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Minaa VOD partners with Muvi to launch a Documentary based VOD Platform for the Arab World 22 June 2017

Minaa VOD

At Muvi we are happy to announce the launch of yet another one of our client’s Video on Demand (VOD) website – Minaa VOD (

Minaa VOD is the first of its kind interactive Video on Demand platform which specializes in collecting, harbouring and celebrating regional and creative documentaries from the Arab world. Minaa considers itself as taking an innovative & experimental approach to supporting creative docs’ and teams as well as building audiences. The Minaa scheme includes creative docs’ streaming via Minaa VOD website as well as supporting their physical distribution through TV stations, festivals, cultural centres, cinemas, universities, airlines, etc.

Minaa partnered with Muvi to launch their video streaming platform & website via which they have made available its rich and diverse collection of documentaries and films to the world. Minaa uses Muvi’s End-to-End OTT service to power its Video on Demand (VOD) website and has made creative use of Muvi’s Bring Your Own Design (BYOD) Template engine to completely customize the look and feel of the website, that makes it stand apart from the scores of other VOD websites. The design & its integration with Muvi’s backend has been completely handled by Minaa’s in-house design team, putting them always in their control of their website’s design, in case they every want to change anything from colours, to fonts, and this is one of the key features of Muvi’s BYOD Engine, as it keeps the customer always in control of their own website.

To learn more about Muvi’s BYOD Engine, please check our complete documentation here.

Minaa also uses Muvi’s Multi-Language and Translation feature on their website and thus they are able to offer their website content in English and Arabic. This is a fantastic demonstration and use case of how Muvi’s in-built CMS, Website backend and BYOD Template Editor handle language translations and even Right to Left (RTL) languages like Arabic, when the website template and design itself is dynamically changed and controlled by an external element using the BYOD Engine.

To learn more about Muvi’s Multilingual feature, please visit our features page.

Minaa is founded by The Creative Documentary Platform – Amman and MAD Solutions – Cairo and is supported by Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation – Amman and run in collaboration with Ma3mal 612 founder of the Karama Human Rights Film Festival – Amman and the Arab Cinema Centre.

For more details about Minaa VOD please visit their website –

To launch your own Video on Demand Platform across web, mobile & TV instantly, click here!

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