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Muvi Allows Customers to Issue Refunds to End-Users Instantly! 06 January 2022

Muvi Makes Claiming refunds Hassle Free
As a platform owner, you have to manage your end users and for various reasons, you need to cancel their subscriptions or issue refunds. Till now this was a complicated process and involved you to take action either by cancelling their subscription / updating their subscriptions status within your CMS or  issuing refund at the payment gateway level.
Muvi with it’s brand new feature, now makes this process simpler and hassle-free. You can now cancel / update your end users’ subscriptions and issue refunds all within your Muvi CMS itself without having to go through a complex refund process in payment gateways. This is a welcome feature for subscribers who want to cancel their subscriptions and request a refund for various reasons.


Let’s Take a Quick Look at the Exclusive Features of Refunds for End Users:


  • One-Click Refunds

With Muvi, initiating refunds are hassle-free and the job can be done with just a click of a mouse. If you receive a refund request from your customer, you can initiate the refund directly from your CMS within a click. All you need to do is find the customer in the CMS and click Refund. That’s it!

Use Case: Toby wants to cancel his subscription of your music streaming platform and claim a refund. As the platform owner, you simply have to go to your Muvi CMS and click on the ‘refund’ button!


  • Process Partial Refunds

This is something unique that only the Muvi platform supports. Not only can customers initiate a full refund but also claim a partial refund. For that users have to enter their desired partial refund amount, which should be less than the order amount.

Use Case: Maria only wants some portion of her money to be refunded- $50. So, she enters the CMS and puts in her desired amount of refund, i.e. $50. She is instantly refunded $50.


  • Notifying End Users

Muvi platform takes care of everything from sending the refund request to payment gateways to notifying your end-users on refund status.  All these tasks are automated and handled by Muvi.

Use Case: When your end-user Jeremy initiated a refund request, the report was instantly sent to him and you got notified about his refund-status.

Not limited to these features, Muvi’s Refunds for End-Users  feature can deliver much more possibilities. Please check out our feature page Refunds for End-Users to know more.


Impressed with our instant refund feature? Take our 14-days Free Trial and check out over 500+ Enterprise Grade features that Muvi packs and empowers you to launch industry leading OTT Platforms in 1-click!  No coding required!

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Sreejata Basu
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