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Muvi Playout: Quick-Start Your Own Internet Radio Station 20 August 2021

Own your Internet Radio Station with Playout


Traditional Radio is just going with a dwindling audience. It is not dead as it was transformed into a new avatar which we are all calling it as an Internet Radio. Traditional Radio works on radio frequency signals whereas the Internet radio works on the technology that continuously transmits the audio stream over the internet. So, if you have ever dreamt about being a radio superstar, then why not make it happen? Muvi Playout allows you to broadcast live and on-demand and content by setting up your own Internet Radio Station with zero coding and technical knowledge. Let’s explore how to start your internet radio station using Muvi Playout.


Get Started with Muvi Playout – Internet Radio Station


Step 1

Sign-Up on Muvi Playout with few details and start your 14-Day free trial or Purchase your subscription

Step 2

Add content to ‘Manage Content,’ create channel name and logo. Add description, tags, upload content or add live HLS link and save for encoding.

Step 3

After encoding is done, you can click on schedule to plan your playlist. You can preview everything by clicking on the preview button & can also embed the channel on your website.


Starting your Internet Radio channel is very simple and easy with Muvi Playout; explore more features on the go with a premium subscription.


What can you do with Muvi Playout – Internet Radio Station?


Kick-start your Internet Radio Station instantly

Using Muvi Playout takes only a few minutes to set up and launch your internet radio station. Sign-up with Muvi Playout, Set-up and embed the URL in your website and app. Based on the schedule, your listeners will start playing your programs and access your content.


Ingenious Scheduler

Muvi Playout Scheduler enables you to schedule the programs for your radio station without any interruption. You can choose the scheduled content to be played both on a recurring and non-recurring basis. You will also have the option to customize the schedule either daily or weekly for some time.


Broadcast with ease – AIR Live Shows and Podcasts

Muvi Playout enables you to broadcast podcasts and live shows through your online radio station. All you need to do is configure live feeds instantly in the CMS by entering the live feed URL and scheduling the broadcast time. As the process is automated, sit back, relax and focus on the live show or podcast.


Seamless Integration – Integrate with social media

Muvi Playout integrates seamlessly with major social media platforms. Post the updates and broadcast the live shows and podcasts directly to your social media handles without extra effort. Access and analyze the valuable insights from Analytics and reports.


Start generating the revenue through Monetization

Muvi Playout enables you to monetize the content using multiple monetization models. You can offer a subscription to an entire radio channel or let your listeners pay per particular program. Muvi Playout gives you the flexibility in monetizing your radio station, and you will receive the entire revenue generated without any deductions.


Control your content – Geo-blocking and VPN detection

Broadcast the audio across the geographies, or restrict access to specific geographies by selecting a country, state, or even a city where your internet radio station can be accessed. You can even have the power to block users who access your radio station using VPNs with an advanced VPN detection system.


Creating your brand new Internet Radio Station is that simple! Unlock all the premium features of Muvi Playout and get access to all the above features to manage your radio station on the go. Still, have any doubt about starting your own Internet Radio Station with Muvi Playout? Why not take advantage of our 14-day free trial now.

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