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Muvi Unveils Direct Carrier Billing Feature for Muvi Billing 22 June 2021

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Muvi has just released Direct Carrier Billing Feature for its well-known monetization engine for websites and apps Muvi Billing.

Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) or Operator Billing  is an instant payment option allowing your customers to pay for online products, services, or content with their mobile devices such as phones and tablets. 

With the rise in penetration of mobile phones around the globe, especially in the leading markets like APAC, Latin America, North America, and others, carrier billing has become the optimal solution to give wider coverage for various payments. Furthermore, many of the customers prefer it as it is more hassle-free and secure, the payment being directly charged by the telecom providers in their monthly bills or deducted from the prepaid balances.

Muvi Billing’s carrier billing not only supports the leading telecom providers around the world but offers much more!

An Exclusive Preview of the Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) Feature of Muvi Billing

1. Add Preferred Telecom Partner

There can be different telecom providers in different countries or continents and you can now integrate Muvi Billing with any telecom provider as per your requirement without any coding! Presently, Muvi Billing supports the following telecom providers-

  • M-Pesa
  • IdeaBiz,
  • Monetbil
  • MTN

Use Case: X is running his B2B business and finds out that the M-Pesa telecom provider is more popular among the end-users. X logs in to Muvi Billing and just fills up a sample form to add M-Pesa to the list of telecom providers without waiting further for coding and testing!

2. Customize as per Your Geography

The globalization of your business significantly depends on the billing system as it’s important to have multiple currencies & payment flows for wider end-users. Now Muvi Billing customers can easily customize its DCB feature as per their specific requirements like adding and managing different payment flows as well as currencies.

Use Case: Muvi Billing customer Y has planned to expand his OTT business to Europe and North America and he needs the DCB to support the following currencies-

  • Euro
  • Swiss Franc
  • Pound Sterling and
  • U.S. Dollar

Y just logs in to the Muvi Billing dashboard and customizes the DCB in no time! Without this feature, it would cost more time and money due to the lengthy process of coding, testing and going live!

3. Add Multiple Monetization Models

Your billing system should be flexible enough to support the monetization models as per your business needs. This new DCB feature of Muvi Billing will let you accomplish this task as well!  With Muvi Billing, you can choose any monetization model such as subscription, pay per view, pay per use, one time purchase etc. for your end-users!

Use Case: Z is running an online news portal and he needs to add subscription and pay per use monetization models. With Muvi Billing he can add those easily from the dashboard!

Read more about this new feature in our Direct Carrier Billing Feature Page.

If you haven’t tried Muvi Billing yet, take a 14-day free trial to transform your business’s billing process! 



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