Payments with Direct Carrier Billing

Charge Payments directly to the User’s Phone bill


Operator Billing or Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) is an instant payment option that allows your customers to pay for online products, services, or content with their mobile devices (phones and tablets). The payment is directly charged by the telecom providers in the monthly bills or gets deducted from customers’ prepaid balances.

Carrier billing provides a bigger coverage than traditional payment methods. To put it into perspective - today the number of mobile phones is 5 times more than credit cards across the globe, carrier billing is more secure and provides a smoother customer experience compared to other payment methods. The above advantages make carrier billing an optimal solution for emerging markets like APAC & Latin America where the penetration of mobile phones is increasing at a rapid pace.

With Muvi Billing you get Carrier Billing out-of-the-box. Muvi Billing’s DCB feature supports major telecom providers around the world. 

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  • Add Your Preferred Telecom Partner
  • Customize as per Your Geography
  • Support Multiple Monetizations

Add your preferred telecom partner

Add Preferred Telecom Partner

Every continent or country may have different mobile service providers. Based on your requirement you can integrate Muvi Billing with any telecom provider without needing help from developers. You just need to fill a simple form and your preferred telecom provider will be added. Muvi Billing currently supports 50+ telecom service providers across the world.

Add your preferred telecom provider
Customize as per your geography

Customize as per your geography

Customize as per Your Geography

Muvi Billing’s DCB feature is customizable as per your specific requirements and can support multiple currencies and payment flows.

Support multiple monetizations

Support Multiple Monetizations

Muvi Billing’s DCB feature supports multiple models of monetizations. You can sell your products and services using monetization models such as Subscription, Pay Per Use, One Time, etc.

Support multiple monetizations


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