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Muvi’s Founder Anshuman Das Talks About The Growth Of Internet and Smartphones Driving The Growth of VOD In India 30 April 2015

Growth of VOD In India

Getting candid about the possibilities of VOD expanding more in the entertainment industry, Muvi’s Founder Anshuman Das talked about how the internet & smartphone numbers could boost VOD and video streaming in India.

Here’s what he writes, “Consumers around the world are rapidly embracing over-the top Video on Demand services on the Internet—to satisfy their desire to consume content anywhere at any time. To retain customers, media and entertainment companies now offer on-demand video, catch-up TV, recommendations, social networking applications and convergent services following consumers across devices, enabling them to watch a program on their PC, continue watching it on TV and then switch to an iPad or any other handheld device.

Despite low levels of broadband penetration, India has experienced a burst of entrepreneurial activity in over-the-top (OTT) video streaming sector over the past few years, with homegrown services delivering live and on-demand content on mobiles and PCs.”

Read the entire story here.

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