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Program Scheduling with Muvi Playout is Now Easy! 11 October 2021

Program Scheduling with Muvi Playout is now Easy


For an online channel to be successful, you should definitely need an effective scheduler that is easy to use. With online TV programming on the rise, Muvi Playout introduces a new feature of program scheduler for making the job of scheduling programs whether in advance or recurrently with ease.


Let’s Take a Quick Look at How Program Scheduling is Beneficial for Online TV Scheduling:


1. Schedule Programs in Advance

Muvi playout lets you schedule programs in advance for both video and audio content, with the media files uploaded to the CMS. Our robust scheduler enables you to schedule programs at any time prior to the time of broadcasting and it just takes a few seconds to schedule. The entire process is really quick and easy.

Use case: Jay runs an online TV channel. Using Muvi Playout’s scheduler, he can quickly alter his online program timings with just a few clicks by logging into the CMS.


2. Ensures Recurrent Program Broadcasts

Many playout softwares doesn’t give you the option of easily scheduling recurrent programs. However, this is not the case with Muvi Playout. If you want a program to be broadcasted recurrently, that is, either daily or weekly, you can configure it in the CMS while scheduling the program. 

Use Case: Linda runs an online TV Channel where she schedules comedy shows. Using Muvi playout’s scheduler she can easily schedule popular recurring episodes of the comedy shows aired on her channel.


3. Multiple Layouts Scheduler

Enabling a simple and hassle free program scheduling process, Muvi Playout’s scheduler has multiple layouts, so that you can schedule programs either through the calendar or drag-and-drop layout. Also, the layouts can be switched at any time and both layouts will have the same features including time zone selection.


Use case: Diego has scheduled a popular TV series on his OTT channel. However  due to some technical issues the calendar functionality was not working properly. Using muvi playout’s drag-and-drop layout option, diego quickly made changes in his program schedules and was able to broadcast his TV show on time.


4. Update Schedule at any Time

Our cloud scheduler is not only robust but flexible as well. With Muvi Playout updating program schedules are pretty easy and can be done at the very last moment. As everything is managed in the cloud, there is no chance of errors.


Use Case: Claude owns an online radio channel and using Muvi Playout’s program scheduler, he can easily make changes in his playlists and update songs instantly without any hassles!


Not limited to these features, Muvi Playout’s Program Scheduler can deliver much more possibilities. Please check out our feature page Program Scheduler to know more.


Yet to know more on scheduling? Take a 14-day Free Trial of Muvi Playout, now!





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