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5 Things You Can Do With Muvi Playout’s Drag and Drop Scheduler 31 August 2023

For any FAST Channel and cloud-based linear TV channel, scheduling is always the hardest nut to crack. But if you are using Muvi Playout for your linear and FAST channels, then scheduling can be effortless for you! Our drag-and-drop scheduler … Continue reading

What is EPG and How Does it Work? 10 May 2023

As a viewer, we all want to browse through the content list of a channel (be it FAST Channel or linear TV channel), so that we can know when they will be broadcasting our favorite shows. This list of content … Continue reading

Muvi Playout – EPG Style Cloud Playout Engine for Linear or FAST Channels Scheduling 20 February 2023

  Cloud-based linear TV channels and FAST channels are growing popular these days. Nowadays, more and more platforms like ROKU and Fire TV have added the capabilities to stream these channels natively. As a result, the demand from broadcasters to … Continue reading

Program Scheduling with Muvi Playout is Now Easy! 11 October 2021

For an online channel to be successful, you should definitely need an effective scheduler that is easy to use. With online TV programming on the rise, Muvi Playout introduces a new feature of program scheduler for making the job of … Continue reading