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Provide Personalized Support To Users With Our End User Support 27 December 2022


For any OTT Video Streaming Business, focusing on driving and growing their business, making and acquiring new and quality content, and working on revenue growth strategies is of utmost priority. But, connecting with the end users and solving their queries and issues is also important, as it helps them to retain their subscribers. Often, business owners get so much involved in solving their customer’s queries, that their other important work gets affected. This ultimately affects the growth of their business. 

At Muvi, we help OTT business owners in easing out this situation, by offering multiple end-user support channels. 

Because the OTT industry is highly competitive, your competitors will do everything to retain their subscribers. In such a scenario, you must have a channel to address the issues of your end users too! And that is why, Muvi has introduced a service called “End User Support” – a unique way of answering all the queries and solving all the issues of YOUR end users! 



Benefits of Muvi’s End-User Support Services

Muvi’s end-user support services have loads of benefits for you as well as your end users. Let’s take a look at some of those.


24x7x365 Support

A well-dedicated team of support executives is working 27x7x365, to provide the most efficient support services to all our customers and end users. They provide responses to all the queries received from the customers and end users as soon as possible, without geographic limits or day-night limitations. 

Use Case: 

Shelly, one of your customers, got stuck while paying her subscription fees. It was 1 am at night, but she was worried as her money had already got debited from her account. Then, she simply raised a query through chat, and our support executives helped her out then and there.     


Collaborative Support

We have designed Tattle in such a way that both customers and support executives can collaborate with each other to resolve the queries of the end users. Hence, when the support executives are not available, our customers can answer the users, and vice-versa. 

Use Case:

Rosy, a customer of Micheal, was facing some issues related to subscription renewal. She wanted to get it resolved as soon as possible. So, she logged in the issue into our ticketing system, and from there, she could easily see the entire progress path, like what is the current status, and by when the issue is expected to get resolved. Micheal and our support team collaborated to resolve her issue within the given deadline.                     


Multi-Channel Support

We offer support services over multiple channels, including calls, emails, live chat, and ticketing systems. Customers can decide on the support channels based on their preferences. 

Use Case:

Robin wanted to offer live chat support to his end users, while Kane wanted to resolve customer queries while talking to them directly. So, we provided live chat support to Robin, and call support to Kane.        


Expedited Technical Support

If the users have technical queries, the Muvi team will directly address the queries to provide the most accurate and faster resolution of issues. 

Use Cases:

Rogina, one of the users of Rishi, was facing some issues while live-streaming content. Our technical support team helped in resolving the issue instantly.   


SLA-Based Responses and Updates

We always offer SLA-based responses and support to the end users. Hence, our customers can rest assured the queries of their end users will get resolved right on time! 

Use Case:

Samson wanted to resolve the issues of his end users within 48 hrs. Our SLA-based response system ensured smooth, systematic, and transparent query resolution within the stipulated time. 


Tattle – Our Ticketing and Collaboration Platform! 

Tattle is a web-based ticketing and collaboration platform used & built by Muvi, where we consolidate the issues and queries received through all support channels. After consolidating, we allocate a unique identification code to the tickets received. 

Now, the most unique thing about Tattle is that it is not limited to our customers only. Through Tattle, we consolidate the requests received from all the stakeholders, that include support executives, our customers, and their customers (which means the end users who subscribe to or use your OTT platform). Hence, through this platform, all the stakeholders can connect with each other, resolve queries, transfer knowledge, and help in making each other’s experience more seamless and enjoyable. 

Through this platform, our customers can not only help their end users, but they can also give internal remarks to our support executives about their personal observations, which will then be resolved without any involvement of the end users. 

We have tried to explain the working of Tattle in the flowchart given below. 


Tattle Flowchart - End User Support


Take Your OTT Business To Next Level With MUVI!

At Muvi, we provide you with a complete built-in OTT SaaS solution through which you can launch your OTT platform instantly without writing a single line of code! Packed with 100+ industry-leading features, you can deliver the best streaming experience to your users effortlessly! Why wait? Sign up to start your 14-day free trial today! 


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Debarpita Banerjee
Debarpita works as a content writer with Muvi. She has worked across industries like EdTech, eLearning, AR-VR and Metaverse. She is a team player and believes in teamwork to help achieve a collective common goal. She also believes in delivering content that can add some value to the users and prove to be beneficial in taking our brand to the next level.

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