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Safeguard Your Streaming Content With Muvi’s Dynamic Watermarking 01 September 2022

Dynamic watermarking


One of the common concerns for the streaming businesses is to protect their content from unauthenticated access, sharing, and cyber threats. And now it’s easier than ever for the Muvi customers to be assured of it through Muvi’s dynamic watermarking feature. With a simple-to-use interface, you can now easily add watermarking to your videos to add a robust layer of security to your streaming content. Let’s have a look at the key highlights of Muvi’s dynamic watermarking feature.

A Sneak Peek into Muvi’s Dynamic Watermarking Feature

The top highlights of Muvi’s dynamic watermarking feature are as listed below.

1. Easily Display Email and IP Addresses

Muvi’s dynamic watermarking feature comes with this easy solution of displaying user information on screen such as IP address, user ID, email address, or others. As such information stays on screen throughout the streaming time, it helps discourage the viewers to capture or share them with unauthorized people as that will expose their identities.

Use Case

Muvi customer Hawkins is running his own OTT platform. He wants to display the user ID during streaming on screen to prevent unauthorized sharing. With this feature of Muvi, it will not take any additional time or effort for him to implement this. 

2. Prevent Screen Capture

This feature of Muvi lets you ensure that none of your users can screen record while streaming on your app or website and hence it helps stop unauthorized distribution of your streaming content.

Use Case

Annie, a sports streaming platform owner, wants to prevent the viewers from recording screen while viewing the content. Being a Muvi customer, she can be fully assured of that with this in-built feature of Muvi.

3. Forensic Watermarking

With this advanced feature of Muvi, you can implement premium protection for your streaming content by embedding secret codes to your video and audio content so that you can trace the exact source of leak if any.

Use case

Muvi customer Jack wants to add a premium level of protection to the streaming content on his OTT platform. With this feature of Muvi, he can easily add forensic watermarking for optimum protection.


Not limited to the above solutions, Muvi’s dynamic watermarking feature offers even more. Check out our Watermarking Feature Page to learn better. If you are yet to stream with Muvi, take our 14-day free trial now (no credit card needed).

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