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Unleash the Power of Interactive Videos with Muvi’s Video Cards 19 August 2022

Interactive video cards


Did you know interactive videos can drive 35% more clicks and boost your overall audience engagement? Yes, and to explore the power of interactive videos, Muvi brings its video card feature that offers multiple solutions to cater to your brand’s engagement and growth. Here’s a sneak peek into Muvi’s video cards feature that lets you drive audience engagement in multiple ways.


A Glance at Muvi’s Video Card Feature: The Top Highlights

Here’s how Muvi’s video card feature can cater to your audience engagement in multiple ways.

1. Conduct Polls Easily

Muvi customers can now easily conduct polls to collect valuable user feedback during the playback. In this way you can have a clear idea on what the viewers think of your videos and what they would like to see on your channel. You can also collect immediate voting, analyze them, and assess the results to optimize your audience experience further.

Use Case

Muvi customer Stephen, an OTT platform owner, wants to conduct audience polls for the new exclusive series. With this feature of Muvi, he can easily do it through a few button clicks.

2. Leverage the High Compatibility on Various Devices

Be it Android, iOS, or web devices – Muvi customers can ensure compatibility of the video cards on diverse devices, platforms, and media, so that every audience can enjoy such interactive videos and respond to them as needed.

Use Case

Muvi customer Eva wants to enable Android as well iOS devices compatibility for the video cards on her platform. This feature will let her do it through a few simple steps – logging into the CMS and enabling it in a few minutes!

3. Boost User Engagement

Muvi’s video card feature lets you boost your user engagement easily by offering personalized recommendations, advertisements and others without going through any complex steps. 

Use Case

Muvi customer David wants to improve the audience engagement for his OTT platform. He can easily achieve that by offering customized recommendations and ads to his audience for every playback.

4. Customize Video Cards Easily

Muvi’s video cards stand out by being highly customizable to accommodate your every promotional requirement. Cross-promoting multiple videos to running customized video promotion on multiple channels – you can do it all with ease.

Use Case

Brayden, an OTT platform owner, wants to run cross-promotional videos for better audience engagement. Being a Muvi customer, it will just be a matter of a few minutes for him. 


Not limited to these solutions, Muvi’s video card feature offers even more. Visit our Video Cards Feature Page to learn more. If you are yet to stream with Muvi, take a 14-day free trial now (no credit card needed)!

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