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Deliver Live Preaching, Access to Recorded Prayers & Services, Launch Your own End to End Monetization and Distribution Platform, and much more.




Evolve Your Offline Religious Fellowship Into A Digital Following

Foster real-time engagement and growth globally with Muvi religious streaming service. Elevate your membership numbers by up to 10 times by ensuring global access to sermons, ceremonies, and teachings.

Easily Launch & Grow Your Religion Streaming Platform

Reliable Live Streaming and Video Playback

Capture every sacred moment, and play it back without a glitch on multiple devices - Mobile, TV & Web

Monetize Faith Based Content

Monetize your spiritual content with Muvi's monetization methods, while ensuring transparency.

High-definition On-demand Prayers

Deliver crystal-clear teachings, available at your audience's convenience.

Holistic Content Hosting & Sharing

Nurture your faith community with an all-encompassing CMS with embed & social share capabilities.

Start. Stream. Succeed

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Reliable Religion Live Streaming and Video Playback

  • Buffer-Free Playback: Muvi's robust technology guarantees smooth and uninterrupted video playback, enabling your audience to absorb every word and gesture with clarity and reverence.

  • High-Definition Visuals: Experience a level of visual clarity that mirrors the sanctity of your spiritual space, ensuring that every detail is captured with the utmost precision.

  • Access Anytime, Anywhere: Enable followers to revisit and reflect on sermons and ceremonies at their convenience, forging a deeper connection to the teachings.
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Donations for your House of Faith

  • Enable Donations: Empower your congregation to receive donations on your religion streaming platform effortlessly, ensuring the sustenance of your sacred space.

  • Streamlined Contribution: Allow your audience to support your religious institution with ease, becoming a crucial pillar of your community's growth.

  • Advanced Fundraising Options: Leverage cutting-edge fundraising options, staying at the forefront of financial empowerment for your religious community.
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Launch Unified Religious Streaming Platform

  • Harmonized Congregation Experience: Bring believers from far and wide onto a single, cohesive platform, fostering a sense of unity and collective devotion.


  • Multi-denominational Reach: Catering to various religious denominations, with Muvi you can launch a video platform that can accommodate diverse spiritual practices and beliefs.


  • Seamless Congregational Interaction: Facilitate real-time interaction, prayer requests, and communal experiences, fostering a sense of togetherness in a digital space.
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Monetize your Content

  • Multiple Monetization Options: Make long sermons, prayers, and hymns available on pay-per-view or subscription basis.


  • Customized Donation Options: Tailor donation mechanisms to align with your congregation’s preferences, offering a variety of payment methods and frequencies.


  • Financial Security: Leverage Muvi’s secure payment infrastructure, safeguarding the financial transactions of your congregation with state-of-the-art encryption.
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Host & Share On-demand Content

  • Amplify Your Reach: Spread the message of faith and spirituality far and wide by effortlessly publishing prayers and ceremonies on social platforms. Muvi seamlessly integrates with social media, allowing you to connect with a global audience


  • Personalized Spiritual Growth: Tailor the on-demand experience to cater to the individual spiritual journeys of your audience, allowing them to explore and reflect on specific topics of interest
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Holistic Content Hosting & Archiving

  • Archived Wisdom: Build a comprehensive library of sermons and teachings, creating a reservoir of spiritual wisdom for generations to come


  • Searchable Content: Muvi’s platform empowers you to create content libraries that are searchable for specific sermons, topics, or teachings, facilitating easy access to the spiritual guidance they seek.


  • Time-Effective Content Management: Whether you're uploading a series of prayers or archiving years of spiritual teachings, Muvi’s bulk upload feature ensures that you make the most of your time while preserving the essence of your faith.
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Launch Your Religious Platform with Muvi

In a world where the spiritual needs of every individual are ever-evolving, Muvi stands as a reliable partner to foster a connected, accessible, and enriching spiritual experience tailored to contemporary needs.

Ready to launch your online religious streaming platform? Connect with us now and unlock the profound possibilities of Muvi's Solutions for religion and faith!

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Key Features

That help you deliver the best spiritual experience to your users.

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Centralized CMS

Unify your content management with all-in-one centralized CMS for easy organization and efficient delivery of spiritual content.

DRM & Security

Multi-DRM Support

Ensure security with robust Multi-DRM support, protecting your sacred content across diverse devices for an enhanced spiritual experience.

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Analytics & Reporting

Gain insights into your spiritual community with in-built analytics tool, empowering informed decisions for a more connected and engaged audience.

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Built-in CDN

Deliver divine experiences effortlessly with built-in CDN, ensuring seamless streaming and accessibility for your global audience.

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