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Top 10 eLearning platform providers for Remote Education in 2023

Ankit Jena Published on : 14 February 2023



Today, most of the people first look for their queries on the internet rather than looking for books or asking some expert. Evolution of the internet and rapid advancement in technology has no doubt given a vast opportunity to the educational organization in taking their process to the next level. The rapid adoption of eLearning platforms has helped organizations conduct interactive classes and courses on different topics or programs or degrees.

People from all around the world can easily access course materials through on-demand classes, live classes, webinars and more. eLearning platforms provide a virtual classroom environment for students and teachers to interact, collaborate, and access educational resources.


Importance of eLearning platforms in remote education

eLearning platforms play a crucial role in enabling remote education and providing students and teachers with the tools and resources they need to learn and teach effectively.

  • Online learning platforms provide access to Education Live Streaming from anywhere with an internet connection, making remote education possible for students who cannot physically attend a traditional classroom. 
  • It allows students to work at their own pace, on their own schedule, which can be particularly helpful for students with busy schedules or other responsibilities.
  • Virtual learning platforms often provide educational resources tailored to individual students’ needs and abilities, which can lead to a more personalized and effective learning experience. 
  • It  includes tools for students and teachers to communicate and collaborate, even when they are not in the same physical location.
  • eLearning platforms often provide data and analytics that can help teachers and institutions understand students’ learning patterns, strengths, and areas for improvement, which can inform their teaching and decision-making.


eLearning and probability of future growth

The eLearning industry is expected to experience significant growth in the coming years. According to recent reports, the global eLearning market is projected to grow from USD 159.2 billion in 2020 to USD 243.8 billion by 2023, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.5%.

In addition, the increasing use of mobile devices and the growing availability of high-speed internet access are also driving the growth of eLearning platforms. As technology continues to advance, eLearning platforms are expected to become even more user-friendly, interactive, and effective in delivering education.


Top 10 eLearning Platform Providers of 2023


Muvi One

Muvi One is the best eLearning Platform provider that allows educational organizations such as schools, colleges, and universities to launch their eLearning platform and get started with their virtual classroom from day 1. Providing multiple monetization and content-bundling options, the platform allows you to fully experiment with your content distribution strategy thereby ensuring consistent traffic and optimal engagement on your eLearning channel.



  • Muvi One helps you get your customizable apps built right from scratch, native adhered to Apple & Google’s defined programming standards respectively.
  • It helps you provide on the go training to your subscribers through Muvi’s multi-device and cross-platform eLearning extension.
  • It is zero code setup and allows you to easily launch your own platform to provide online training and earn money
  • Muvi One’s eLearning extension is based on the concept of collaborative learning that allows you to share study materials, embed media, and link to courses, do chapter assessment, quiz, etc.
  • Muvi One’s course recommender suggests courses to users based on their preference and ensures optimal user engagement along with constant revenue flow.
  • It offers comprehensive analytics and reports that allows you to track the performance of your eLearning Platform.
  • It comes with robust security features that protects both you and your user’s information.
  • Muvi One’s nested content feature allows the addition of multiple hierarchies that will let you create different levels of course material, topic and chapter under a single-parent category.


Pricing Plan

  • Standard – $399/month – Fully-featured, customizable website/app with Hosting and CDN
  • Professional – $1499/month – Standard + Alie Recommendation Engine, DRM & Other Premium Features
  • Enterprise – $3900/month – Professional + Dedicated Server & Enterprise Support
  • Ultimate(Speak with sales for pricing) – Enterprise + Unlimited concurrent users, monthly security, and performance reports

To know more about pricing and features visit – Pricing Plan


Top elearning platform providers



Kaltura is one of the popular eLearning platforms that offers virtual classroom software for online teaching. It allows you to create online courses and engage your participants in virtual classes all through a completely branded portal. It comes with collaborative tools like a digital whiteboard, content management system to share presentations and videos, screen sharing, cloud recording, breakout rooms, real-time notes, live quizzes, and more. Kaltura Virtual Classroom easily integrates into all major LMSs. Totally worth a look!



  • Kaltura offers a wide range of customization options
  • It is compatible with a variety of devices
  • Kaltura provides detailed analytics and reporting tools to track student progress, engagement, and other key metrics
  • It integrates with a wide range of other eLearning and LMS tools



  • Kaltura is quite expensive
  • It has limited mobile app functionality
  • Lack of technical support


Pricing Plan:

  • Standard – $19 – Best for small classes with active participation
  • Pro – $45 – Best for small or midsize businesses
  • Enterprise – (speak with sales) – For organizations seeking enterprise-grade features



VEDAMO is an eLearning platform provider and learning management system that is built for online or virtual learning. It is browser-based and does not require any download to join option. It includes various collaborative tools such as whiteboard, breakout rooms, screen sharing, and media sharing. Vedamo also integrated into Canvas, Google for Education, Moodle, and Schoology LMSs.



  • VEDAMO supports multiple languages and thus serves a diverse audience
  • It is customizable and can be tailored to meet the specific need of an eLearning platform
  • It has user-friendly interface that improves overall user experience
  • It provides advanced analytics that helps you track the performance of your eLearning platform



  • The platform has limited level of interactivity
  • It has slow loading times and connective issues
  • Lack of personal attention


Pricing Plan:

  • Virtual Classroom – $25/month – A collaborative web conferencing tool with an online whiteboard, breakout rooms, and screen sharing capabilities for teachers and tutors who want to conduct highly interactive live online teaching sessions.
  • Learning Management System – $43/month – A flexible web-based solution for creating and managing online and blended learning services.



Uscreen also provides an eLearning platform allowing educational organizations and businesses to create their own website and apps and start teaching online instantly. It provides a robust video hosting platform that allows users to upload, store, and deliver high-quality video content to their learners. Uscreen offers several monetization options, including subscription-based models, one-time purchases, and rental options, making it easy for content creators to earn money from their video-based courses.



  • Includes advanced features such as closed captioning, video analytics, and the ability to add interactive elements, such as quizzes and surveys, to video content.
  • Integrates with a wide range of other eLearning and LMS tools
  • Platform is designed to streamline the process of creating and delivering video-based courses



  • Uscreen can be more expensive than some other eLearning platforms
  • There may be compatibility issues or integration challenges
  • Some users may find the user interface for Uscreen to be confusing


Pricing Plan:

  • Basic – $79/month – 50 hours of video storage, 1 admin user, 1 1-1 onboarding session, Email support
  • Growth – $159/month – 150 hours of video storage, 3 admin users, 3 1-1 onboarding sessions, Chat & email support
  • Uscreen Plus – (Speak with Sales) – Everything in Growth + Mobile apps, TV streaming apps, Live streaming & chat, Live streaming analytics, White-labeled branding



BigBlueButton was one of the first entrants into the virtual classroom market. The project began in 2007 and became available as an open-source software project in 2009. BigBlueButton is a platform for online teaching that enables students and teachers to connect, collaborate, and stream video wherever they are. The platform includes features such as the ability to share files, interactive whiteboards, and up to 15 webcams that can broadcast at one time. It also integrates into most major learning management systems.



  • BigBlueButton is an open-source platform
  • It provides a robust video conferencing system
  • It can be easily integrated into existing eLearning platforms or learning management systems (LMSs)
  • BigBlueButton is designed with security in mind



  • It has limited features
  • As an open-source platform, BigBlueButton may not have the same level of user support as commercial eLearning platforms
  • It may not be able to handle large numbers of concurrent users


Pricing Plan:

  • Lite – $12 – Great for small classes
  • Advanced – $72 – Up to 250 students
  • Premium – $120 – Schools & Businesses



LearnCube was built to help teachers and tutors teach online. Like other virtual classroom platforms on this list, LearnCube enables you to deliver classes without downloading software or relying on Flash. It provides interactive features such as whiteboard, custom branding, content management system, text chat, and class recording. They also mention transcription services as a coming soon feature.



  • LearnCube’s interface is designed to be simple and intuitive
  • The platform automates many administrative tasks such as scheduling, billing, and student management
  • The platform provides real-time insights and analytics on student performance



  • The platform may not be compatible with older devices
  • Users may be concerned about the security of their personal information on the platform


Pricing Plan

  • VIRTUAL CLASSROOM PRO – $14/month – Great for professional teachers
  • VIRTUAL CLASSROOM PRO + PREMIUM ESL CONTENT – $26.6/month – Made for ESL teachers


Electa Live

Electa Live provides virtual classroom software, a learning management system, and other educational resources for online courses. The virtual classroom is supported on multiple platforms and provides interactive features such as file sharing, interactive whiteboards, annotation tools, screen sharing, session recording, online polls & surveys, and breakout rooms.



  • The platform is user-friendly and intuitive
  • Electa Live offers flexible scheduling options
  • It provides a collaborative learning environment



  • May not provide as much data and analytics
  • Some users have reported limited support and responsiveness from the Electa Live customer support team


Pricing Plan:

  • Live Virtual Classroom – $29.90/month – Full featured live training classroom for online lessons and live online classes.
  • Live Virtual Classroom Pro – $39.90/month – Includes student management, courses, assessment and other LMS tools.
  • Electa LMS Complete Suite – $69.90/month – A turn-key solution for online schools and universities including an LMS.


Adobe Connect

If you have been in the virtual classroom software space for a few years, you are probably familiar with Adobe Connect. Adobe Connect was the first virtual classroom software to gain traction in the higher education vertical. Today’s web-based version still requires Flash, but there is a client download version that allows users to bypass the Flash requirement. It provides some amazing features such as a content management system, quick polls, an interactive whiteboard, cloud recording, and different modules and layouts for a highly customizable classroom.



  • The platform allows for real-time collaboration between participants, allowing for live discussions, virtual meetings, and webinars
  • It provides interactive features such as quizzes, surveys, and polls to engage and assess learners.
  • It allows for the recording of sessions, making it easy to store and access content for future reference



  • Users are limited in their ability to change the look and feel of their eLearning courses
  • It is not optimized for mobile devices


Pricing Plan:

  • Creative Cloud All Apps – $28.66/month
  • Single App – $12.28/month



WizIQ virtual classroom allows students to access a browser-based virtual classroom with both a Flash and WebRTC option. Neither requires you to download additional software to participate in a session. It provides features such as cloud recording, interactive whiteboard, moderation capabilities, screen sharing, polls & surveys, and a collaborative code editor which is interesting for STEM courses.



  • It is simple and has user-friendly interface 
  • It provides detailed reports and analytics



  • WizIQ has limited customization options
  • Some users have reported that the WizIQ platform can be slow and unresponsive


Pricing Plan:

  • Professional – (speak with sales) – Best for individual teachers
  • Enterprise – (speak with sales) – Best for colleges & universities, corporate trainers, test prep institutes
  • Pay-per-Use – (speak with sales) – Per minute pricing



Ruzuku is another valuable addition to this list of 10 best eLearning platforms. Instructors can easily use this platform if they are not tech-savvy. It provides some wonderful features such as PayPal payment gateway, MailChimp integrations, everyday backups, etc.



  • Ruzuku has a simple and intuitive interface
  • Ruzuku allows educators to deliver courses at their own pace, on their own schedule
  • Ruzuku provides detailed analytics and reporting features



  • May not provide as much data and analytics
  • It is not optimized for mobile devices


Pricing Plan:

  • Core – US$99/month – Create, sell, and teach unlimited online courses.
  • Pro – US$199/ month – Go pro with custom domains and branding.


Features to look for in an eLearning Platform


Customizable Native Apps

Muvi One helps you get your customizable Apple TV, Android TV, Roku TV, and Fire TV apps built right from scratch, native adhered to Apple & Google’s defined programming standards respectively. Go live with your personalized app suitable to your business needs in 1-day! And yes, we mean it.


Train on Any Device

Muvi One provides on the go training to your subscribers through its multi-device and cross-platform eLearning extension. It makes learning a more fun experience than ever before!


Zero Coding Setup

Muvi One provides a Zero code eLearning platform that allows you to train and earn money without coding. You just need to sign up, choose a plan, customize it according to your business need and start uploading content. You can choose your preferred payment gateway to enable receiving payment.


Interactive Learning

The eLearning extension of Muvi One is based on the concept of collaborative learning allowing you to share study materials, embed media and links to courses, do chapter assessment, quiz, etc. to make the most of each session.


Live Chat

Make your live stream more engaging with Muvi Live’s chat feature. It enables your audience to interact with you and others during live events.

Muvi Live’s chat feature offers single-click login for your users using Google, Facebook or just as a guest. It also offers a chat moderation feature where you can block users or delete certain portions of chats to help preserve the sanctity of your live events.


Course Recommender

By recommending your courses from your content library, you’ll keep subscribers interested in your eLearning service. Use Muvi One Recommendation engine to suggest courses to users based on their preferences. Best for them who provide a modular course, adding a recommender system to your platform is assuring optimal subscriber engagement and constant revenue.



From anywhere in the world, you can manage your learners’ experiences through a single click. eLearning platforms will allow you to keep your students engaged and focused on the content by offering real-time audio and video, as well as collaborative tools that enable them to take part in interactive activities. Choosing the right virtual classroom software for your organization will enable you to transfer knowledge more effectively and create more successful outcomes.

Muvi One is the best eLearning platform that provides ease of use, great adaptability, and futuristic UI. With multiple monetization models and content-bundling options, the platform allows you to fully experiment with your content distribution strategy thereby ensuring consistent traffic and optimal engagement on your eLearning channel. Take a free trial to explore super-cool features of Muvi One now! 


Top elearning platform providers

Written by: Ankit Jena

Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 5+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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