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Simplify Video Revenue Collection in Africa with Paystack 26 March 2024

Paystack is a payment gateway specifically designed for African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and Kenya. By integrating Paystack with Muvi One, you can accept payments for your videos from a large and growing African video-streaming audience conveniently, as … Continue reading

Integrate Stripe to Unlock Global Monetization! 30 January 2024

Streaming Platforms now cater to global audiences. Hence, they must have payment gateways that can facilitate payments from all across the globe. With Muvi One, you can integrate Stripe Payment Gateway seamlessly, unlocking unmatched global monetization potential.  Integrating Stripe with … Continue reading

Decoding Different Types of Payment Gateway: What You Need To Know? 02 November 2023

  Payment gateways are the unsung heroes of the streaming industry, seamlessly processing the financial transactions that grant viewers access to a world of digital content. Yet, within this dynamic sector, payment gateways have adapted and diversified to meet the … Continue reading

Enable Your Users To Pay Through UPI, Via Razorpay! 04 August 2023

Multiple Payment Gateway has now become a norm for video streaming platforms. Especially if your business is catering to multiple countries worldwide, multiple payment gateways will enable your customers to pay through their preferred payment modes more easily. For Indian … Continue reading

Understanding Payment Gateway Architecture 04 June 2021

  Payment Gateway is a method for business owners to collect money from their customers.   Did you know that 44.5 percent of the world population uses Digital/Mobile wallet to do transactions during e-commerce shopping? While only 3.3 percent of … Continue reading

Essential Components of a VoD Streaming Channel 03 June 2021

What do you think makes us human?  One word “storytelling”. Not only does the art of stellar storytelling make us unique as a species, it also explains the world’s obsession with watching content on streaming platforms.  It’s pretty simple, at … Continue reading

How Multiple Payment Gateways Help your Subscription Business Grow? 26 March 2021

  A payment gateway is simply the component of your business that keeps the transaction between two parties smooth. It enables easy and instant online payments for both the customer and the seller. If you are to open an online … Continue reading

Best SaaS Billing Practices that keep your Business Growing 08 October 2020

  Unlike the past, the approach to software delivery is no more a “one-time purchase” affair! An increasing number of companies in the technology industry have realized that scaling a SaaS business without a consumption-based billing platform is almost impossible. Rather … Continue reading

Looking for a Subscription Billing Platform? Here are some “Must-have Features” to Consider! 04 September 2020

  Well, if you think accepting credit card payments online is the only thing that a billing platform does, you are missing out on a lot! A subscription billing system amps up your capital, supports your business model, ensures smooth … Continue reading

How to enhance your Subscription eCommerce Billing? 13 July 2020

100% growth over the last five years?  That’s right! We are talking about what precisely the global subscription market has undergone.  That’s not all of it. Subscription eCommerce businesses have hit almost $2.6 billion in sales too.  Certainly, an incredible … Continue reading