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5 Best Video CMS (Content Management Systems) for 2023 09 January 2023

  A video CMS or video content management system plays a crucial rule for any video streaming or OTT platform. Be it storing large volumes of video, texts, and image files or sorting and modifying them with ease – a … Continue reading

Video Content Management Systems (Video CMS): All You Need to Know 26 December 2022

  Video content management systems or Video CMS are crucial to store, organize, modify, and manage large volumes of online videos, images, and text files and other content. While for any online business handling online videos, video content management plays … Continue reading

Manage and Publish Content Efficiently with Muvi Flex’s All-in-One CMS 23 November 2022

  Content creation is a time-consuming process that needs a lot of effort to make a difference in the market. Time is a valuable aspect for content creators and thus having a video streaming platform with comprehensive audio and video … Continue reading

Video CMS – Secure and Streamline your Enterprise Video Content with Muvi 03 November 2022

  Video Content Management System (CMS) helps streamline the process of video sharing by acting as a central repository for media assets and streamlining online video distribution. Video content strategies can only be successful if you can effectively create, store, … Continue reading

What is a Video Content Management System or Video CMS? 24 September 2021

  If you are into the video production business, having to deal with a multitude of video content every day, storing, organizing, sharing, and monetizing your videos becomes a daily ordeal if not met by a robust video CMS. Needless … Continue reading

Essential Components of a VoD Streaming Channel 03 June 2021

What do you think makes us human?  One word “storytelling”. Not only does the art of stellar storytelling make us unique as a species, it also explains the world’s obsession with watching content on streaming platforms.  It’s pretty simple, at … Continue reading

Different Types of Content Management Systems 29 November 2019

  Every business owner knows, it is important to manage content storage and streamline information flow. Right from the inception of your company, if you are able to have a good, structured content management, your potential to maximize business operation … Continue reading

Facebook Tries Out New 10-Second Video Ad Option, Offering Advertisers Cost-Per-View Rate 01 July 2015

  Facebook is mixing up its video ad cost options, testing a new way to charge advertisers that allows them to pay for a video ad only if it has been viewed for a full ten-seconds. According to a report … Continue reading

Cablevision CEO Dolan Says Big Bundle TV Customers Will Fall 17 June 2015

  Cablevision Systems Corp. Chief Executive James Dolan said the number of customers paying for the traditional big bundle of TV channels is going to shrink by about 20% to 25% over the next five years, as consumers opt instead … Continue reading

Thailand leads on dual-screen ratings 15 June 2015

  Thailand has introduced the dual-screen system to measure TV ratings on both TV and online media, the first country in Asia-Pacific to do so. This new measurement is done with a collaboration among ratings agencies, advertisers and the media network. … Continue reading