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Defining Video Streaming In The OTT Era 30 November 2015

Great video experiences will be determined more by the choices the consumer has made – what content, device, broadband speed, network, and ultimately why they are watching – than any industry standards body. Welcome to the customer-grade era.

Amazon’s New Plan To Dethrone Netflix Is Really Good 27 November 2015

On top of that, Amazon is looking to sell prepackaged bundles of its own content and the giant retailer will also keep investing in its own original shows alongside licensed programming.

DVR Market to Grow at 14.82% CAGR to 2019 Led by DTH 27 November 2015

In addition, as a result of the rapidly evolving nature of technology, manufacturers must consistently update their products to incorporate new technologies at least yearly.

Why The Time Warner-Hulu Deal Is Important For The Industry 25 November 2015

To beat them at their game, somebody form the traditional lot had to don the cloak and cast the reverse of the spell. Which might just be the case here.

Netflix And HBO Leave Others Behind In The Original Content Race 25 November 2015

Research firm Parrot Analytics compared the demand for VOD services of HBO, Netflix and Amazon’s top 5 original titles in three different geographies: the US, the UK and Australia.

Comcast Has Managed To Pull Off A Screamer Against Net Neutrality 23 November 2015

With the launch of its new streaming service ‘Stream TV’, Comcast has inexplicably found a loophole in the new Net Neutrality regulations and will stop at nothing to exploit it.

Rookies Join The Coveted OTT Ranks In Parks Report 20 November 2015

A new report from Parks Associates digs deeper in to the world of OTT video services and reports how others fare in comparison to the mighty Netflix.

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