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Asia Pacific OTT market leaping ahead 24 November 2017

The Over-the-Top (OTT) business in Asia Pacific was unorganized with the presence of geographically focused players such as Hooq, Spuul, BoxTv, etc. It began full-fledged in 2015 with the arrival of Netflix in Japan and Australia, which slowly landed in other APAC countries the following year. Today the region is host to a number of …

IPTV scores high in Korea, Video streaming on an all time high 23 March 2015

Subscribers to IPTV reached ten million in August 2014. The milestone was achieved in just six years since the launch of IPTV in 2009. IPTV’s rapid growth has brought various impacts to the film industry. On occasion, some films’ VoD platform sales outstripped their theatrical sales. Steel Cold Winter managed to earn a disappointing USD 150 …

IPTV services are battling it out in every Korean home 24 February 2015

Digital theaters have grown rapidly in Korea as more households start enjoying #iptv and cable broadcast service. The proportion of digital and online movie market segment out of the entire TV #vod market rose from 44.3% in 2010 to 60.7% in 2012, and 75.8% in 2014. Last year, the viewers of Frozen VOD reached 280,000 in a …

With record numbers, IPTV leads in the fee-based broadcasting industry in Korea 12 February 2015

Batch product subscribers for broadcasting plus high speed internet takes up 43% of the fee based broadcasting market. Multi-System Operators saw their market shares drop from 63.5% in 2012 to 58% in 2013 while three major IPTV service providers gained more from 27.9% to 34.4% over the same period. The entire broadcasting sales as of the …

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