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Bringing magic of Airplay to all your iOS devices! Muvi supports Airplay out-of-the-box, which means if you have a Muvi powered Website or iOS app, your viewers will be able to Airplay the videos onto their big screen connected via Apple TV instantly, at the flick of a button!

Airplay works across all your responsive Websites and Native iOS apps developed by Muvi, which means irrespective of the device or the mode your viewers are using to access your videos, right from iPhone to iPads, and from MacBooks to iPod Touch, they can simply click on “AirPlay” and stream videos on their big Apple TV screens instantly. No setup required and the best part is, as it is all out-of-the-box, you don’t have to pay anything extra to get this support! It’s a pre-build Muvi support that comes to your websites and iOS apps right from the Day 1.

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  • Supports All Apple Devices
  • Supports Responsive Website
  • No Setup required
  • No Extra cost

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Start Airplay Immediately

Muvi supports Airplay for your websites and iOS apps right from the Day 1 and so, your viewers can start streaming right from the day 1 of having your apps. No extra efforts in enabling the feature, it’s in-built. Simply select the video you want to watch on your Muvi powered Website or iOS App and hit AirPlay on iOS device or MacBook, and the video will instantly start streaming onto the big screen connected via Apple TV!


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Supports all Apple Devices

Muvi enables Airplay for all Apple devices that support AirPlay by default. So, whether your viewers are accessing your website from a MacBook or from an iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro or iPod Touch app, they all get an out-of-the-box AirPlay support. All your iOS devices can work in sync to push your videos to a connected Apple TV in the same eco-system.

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No Setup, No Extra Cost

Airplay support is an in-built Muvi feature for all your iOS devices and websites and thus, you don’t have to make any extra efforts or pay anything to enable this. So, go ahead and provide your viewers an extraordinary Connected TV Experience just at No cost!

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