Policy Engine

Configure and manage policies for your web/app platform

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Muvi Billing offers a one-of-its-kind Policy Engine. It allows you to set the parameters or create the rules as per your requirement. The rules can be implemented for the content offerings, product & service offering, differential pricing, methods of purchase and type of users, etc. You can configure these policies as many times as you want with a user-friendly browser interface. 

Muvi Billing’s Policy Engine allows you to, set the service policy that suits you & your customers and helps you monetize your offerings easily.

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  • Content-based policies
  • Monetization-based policies
  • Easy-to-use Browser Interface

Content-based policies


Content-based policies

Create content-based policies, by linking rules to multiple contents. Allow or restrict your users from accessing your content based on price, the method of purchase, type of user, and much more.

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Monetization-based policies

Monetization-based policies

Create monetization-based policies, by creating multiple subscription plans such as Diamond, Gold, and Silver for your users and add rules of your choice. Offer your services and products in daily, weekly, monthly or annual packages and link policies accordingly.

Easy-to-use Browser Interface

Easy-to-use Browser Interface

Navigate through the most simple browser interface that is devoid of any technical detailing and requires no IT expertise from the user whatsoever. Configure your content policy as and when required with ease, on a simple-to-use web interface.

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